Origin of English word GALACTIC

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The word GALACTIC is addressed in the entry: MILK

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wring off or pinch off


Old English meolc or melkis traced to Indo-European “root” melg (to press out, to milk). So we need a verb for getting MILK, not a noun for the liquid/

 מלק MaLaQ is defined as "to wring off" and is translated in Leviticus1:15 as "to pinch off."   Both the progressive pressing of the sacrificial bird's neck and the MILKING of a cow's udders require similar action.


MILCH and MILCHIG (Germanic) are cognates as surely as Russian malako is. LACTATE, LACTO- and LETTUCE are listed too, coming to English from Latin lac (milk). Reversing lac, one can hear Greek gala (milk) - which is also listed at Indo-European “root” melg as a cognate. Both the LACTIC and GALACTIC words may be better linked to חלב K[H]aL aBH (milk – see   GALAXY).  Another guttural-L word to consider is עול GHOOL (to give milk, MILCH kine (I Samuel 6:7).

Throughout Germanic and Slavic, MILK words remain recognizable. Examples include  German Milch, Dutch melk  (RW), Swedish mjolk  and Polish mleko..

EMULSION is another cognate of MILK that prefers the ML of MLK, not the LK. Another ML term relevant to the action of milking is MaLaL (to rub, squeeze).

BONNY CLABBER (thickly curdled milk)begins with Irishbainne (milk). This BN milk term should come from LaBHaN (white – see   ALBINO), which also contains the Lamed-Bhet or  L-BH heart of   חלב [K]HaLaBH (milk). Laban in Arabic means milk, and Finnish luu (milk) might also be an L-BH milk-white word.

Irish bainne, as a "white" word, recalls the other BONNY (Scottish for pretty) and the blond-means-fair-thus “beautiful” equation. BONNY has no known origin, but Europeans associate "white" with "good" and "dark" or "black" with "evil." Perhaps a BONUS, BONANZA or BON BON are "good" words (Latin bonus is good) for the same reason that BONE (only in Germanic) is a BN word - they come from  (Lamed)-B  et-Noon (white).


Bible Verses

Leviticus 1:15 והקריבו הכהן אל־המזבח ומלק את־ראשׁו והקטיר המזבחה ונמצה דמו על קיר המזבח׃

“And the priest shall bring it unto the altar, and pinch off its head, and make it smoke on the altar; and the blood thereof shall be drained out on the side of the altar.”



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