Origin of English word GALLERY

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The word GALLERY is addressed in the entry: HALL

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[ HLL]


HALL  is thought to come from words resembling the reconstructed Indo-European “root”  kel- 2 ("to cover, conceal, save") – see HOLLOW.

  היכל  HaYKHahL is a palace or temple (which used to largely be one large HALL – I Kings 6:5) . The Mideastern house still made by wilderness nomads is the אהל OaHeL (tent – Genesis 4:20).

With a softened or dropped Khaf for HaYKHahl, both of these Edenic etymons  are better sources of domiciles.

  חלון [K]HaLOAN is that hole in the wall we call a window (Genesis26:8).  Moving from architecture to pure form, חלול   [K]HaLOOL and חלל   [K]HaLAL mean "hollow."


The CHEROKEE Indians are "cave people," so this Muskhogean word may be related to (Mi)[K]HeeLaH -- a cave (Isaiah2:19).   The Hawaiian house or building, hale, fits HALL.. So does English LEE and LEEWARD, from Old English hleo (shelter).

The Assyro-Babylonian cognate for Hebrew HayKHahL is ekallu.  Much like אהל OaHeL (tent), u lo is a

house in Igbo (Nigeria).

Is is thus appropriate to hear the Khaf of HaYKHahL as hardened, where there are many guttural-L “house” words to consider:

GALL (house) is from Nawat, the Indians of El Salvador

GALLERY (portico) is initially from Late Latin galena

JACAL, from Nahuatl or Aztec, is also a large room of upright poles filled in with wicker.

IGLOO may be the HALL that an Eskimo builds with snow.

   (Baruch Cohen from Rehovot adds that its roundless indicates the additional input of [E]eGOOL (round -– see CYCLE).

Other houses are at “HOUSE;” more holes are at CAVITY.

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