Origin of English word GALLOP

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The word GALLOP is addressed in the entry: VOLUNTEER

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[BL → VL]


heart, mind


VOLUNTEER is from Latin velle (to wish, will), from Indo-European “root” wel (to wish, will).

 That which is VOLUNTARY, done with VOLITION, is of the “heart.”

בל  BahL  means the heart, the WILLFUL mind ( in the Aramaic of Daniel6:15) The letters are reversed, but the meaning is the same with   לב   Lay[V]   (heart, the seat of emotions and the willing,  not the calculating mind – see   LOVE. 

  הואיל   HoWEeYL means  to be willing.  Another bilabial-liquid of free choice is   בחר   Ba[K]HaR (to choose –  Deuteronomy 7:6). Another Bet-Resh verb of choosing is ברר   BaRaR. 


A liquid shift to RV/ VR terms allows us to consider Aramaic    רעוא  Ra’[A]VAh (will).  Shifting (the reversed) VR  back to VL reveals the French  cognate of VOLUNTARY: vouloir (to want).  WALE means to choose , from German Wahl, choice .  The German W-H-L makes is easier to see WILL from  בחר Bhet-Het-Resh/ (V)-H-liquid. (to choose).

The AHD’s cognates of VOLUNTEER include BENEVOLENT, GALLOP, MALEVOLENT, VOLITION, VOLUPTUOUS, WALLOP, WEALTH, WELL, WILL, and WILLING. Australian Aborigine boola means heart.  Japanese erabu (to choose) reverses the BR terms of choosing like בחר Ba[K]HaR (to choose).

Bible Verses

Daniel 6:15 אדין מלכא כדי מלתא שׁמע שׂגיא באשׁ עלוהי ועל דניאל שׂם בל לשׁיזבותה ועד מעלי שׁמשׁא הוא משׁתדר להצלותה׃

“Then the king, when he heard these words, was sore displeased, and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him; and he laboured till the going down of the sun to deliver him.”

Alternative versions: Daniel 6:14



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