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GALYAK (premature lamb) is from Russian golyak (bare, naked). The Indo-European “root”

gal – 1 and Russian golyi means bald or naked. GaLaK[H] means to be bare or naked, shorn or shaved.  GeeLOOahK[H] means shaving; GeeLaK[H] means to shave off hair (Leviticus14:8). GaLaBH is a barber --- Ezekiel 5:1. Closely related is GaLOOY, uncovered,  (Numbers24:4) and  GaLaH (to reveal, uncover, lay bare or naked  -- ISamuel. 9:15.  The Jews were exposed but their Torah widely revealed in GaLOOT (exile); an exiled person is a GoaLeH – II Samuel 15:19.  The two-letter subroot is Gimel-Lamed/GL. GaLaH is to lay bare – Leviticus 20:17   

Related  to our Gimel-Lamed words like GaLaH, laid bare, revealed (Jeremiah 13:22) and  GaLaK[H] bald, bare, shaven, shorn (Jeremiah 41:5) is Het-Lamed-Koof  K[H]aLaQ, smooth, bald, bare (hairless) – Genesis 27:11.

More Gimel-Lamed shaving words at CALLOW, GLABROUS, SCALP and SKULL.


A harsher guttural plus L gives us  QoaRa[K]H ( bald -- Leviticus13:41, 42).  CALLOW means bald – see CALLOW.  (Shift liquids from Resh/R to L.) Old English calu (bare, bald)  and many cognates encouraged the AHD to invent the G-L Indo-European “root” above.  Several Polish terms include g oliboda ( barber), golec (naked man…poor wretch), and golo (naked, bare, in the open air).  In the native Venezuelan isolate language of Joti, kulubo means bare skin ( Stephen Bove) . . German kahl and Rumanian chelmeans bald. Chinese ch'ihlo(te) and Hawaiian holowalemean naked.  Back to GL revelation, Welsh golau is light, as opposed to what is dark and obscure.

A GaLaK[H] is a priest in later Hebrew because priests wore a yarlmulke of shaved hair on their scalp.  Bald skin gets exposed and tough. Latin callum means hard skin. CALLOUS, CALLOSE and CALLUS belong here with the Gimel-Lamed words, not at Indo-European “root” kal- 3   (hard).   

 More GL shaving and revealed nakedness at GLABROUS.

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