Origin of English word GANTRY

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The word GANTRY is addressed in the entry: ASININE

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Behaving stupid like a donkey.


Not to make the dictionary look ASININE (stupid as a donkey), but this term has been attributed to Celtic assan, Old Irish asan and Latin asinus, but never with a mention of (Ashkenazi or Germanic)  אתון A(S)ON or (the Sephardic, Middle Eastern, and now standard Israeli pronounciation) אתון ATOAN (donkey, ass). To understand the origin of the expression “making an ASS of oneself,” see how the seer Balaam is upstaged by his ass in Numbers22. The verses below may have fed several nuances of the term in question.

(28) "Then the Lord opened the ASS's mouth . . .

(29) "Balaam said to the ASS, "You have made a mockery of me."

(30) The ASS said to Balaam, "Look, I am the ASS that you have been riding all along . . ." 

 In donkey days, the beast-buttocks association was painfully clear.


Hebrew doesn't denigrate the donkey's mulish in­transigence in the face of cruel and impatient humans. Instead, related איתן AYSAN or AYTAN means strong, steadfast On the contrary,   אתון AYTaN means strong, steadfast (Genesis 49: 24, Numbers 24:21).  This same   א-ת-ן Aleph-Tahf-Noon word is the source of TONE (strength), as in TONING muscles.      See TONE.

Most Indo-European languages have a form of ASN or ASL for donkey.  The נ Noon/N-to-L shift appears in German Esel in all Germanic languages, and in a few Slavic ones, like Russian asyol.  Rumanian  magar and Serbo-Croatian  magarac are among the few languages that prefer   חמור K[H]aMOAR, the donkey word seen at MULE. Their MGR terms are an M213 metathesis of    חמור   K[H]aMOAR (donkey).

See HORSE for uses of this Edenic word.

Greek onos, source of ONAGER (wild ass) is a reversal or M132 metathesis of   אתון ASOAN (ass).

GANTRY comes from Greek (k)a(n)thon (pack ass), which may be an   אתון . ATHOAN (ass, the   ת Tahf is also TH) loaded down with a nasalization and a hardened opening to distinguish the term from others.

More in the animal name chapter of The Origin of Speeches. In conclusion, previous lexicographers were not stupid anti-Semitic asses, as much as stubborn anti-Semiticist mules.   See BURRO.

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