Origin of English word GARBAGE

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The word GARBAGE is addressed in the entry: CRAP

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It is much like CROP and CRAW (inedible chicken innards), but CRAP (trash) is only traced to a Middle English term for chaffe.

קרב QeReBH is animal innards - Exodus12:9 -  the contents of animal intestines are unfit to eat, and so are thrown out. Also qrb in Ugaritic and Akkadian ,   קרב QeReBH means interior or midst as well as inward part, intestines or bowels.


Shift the Koof to a G to get GARBAGE. GARBAGE is a Middle English word meaning the entrails of fowl, but Webster’s Universal dictionary calls the “etymology obscure.

The AHD makes SCRAP (a noun and verb of discard) a cognateof words like “scrabble” and “scrub.” More likely it is another GARBAGE or CRAP word, yet another example of an “S” later added before a guttural word.  See CRAW.

Another reason that animal intestines are SCRAPPED as trash is because they contain RAW material not yet digested. RAW is traced to a Indo-European “root” that resembles our QeRe[V]: kreue- 1 (raw flesh). A theoretical Germanic base krew (even closer to QeRe[V]) is seen in Old English hreaw , raw.  Although valuable with its clues allowing us to link RAW to QeRe[V] and CRAW, the AHD goes on to list “cognates” like CREATINE, CREODONT, CREOSOTE, CRUDE, CRUEL, ECRU, PANCREAS and RECRUDENDESCE. Greek kreas , flesh , is cited, but the “CRS” in two of the words above may come from KaRaiSH  (belly -- Jeremiah 51:34). Ethiopic karsh is a stomach, and there are other Semitic ties to the Modern Hebrew KaRai$ (belly). In addition, the PANCREAS produces enzymes for the intestines.  Far from edible “flesh,” this organ is part of the SCRAPPED CRAP or GARBAGE.

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