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The Italian garbellare is already linked to Arabic gharbala. The dictionaries cite Late Latin cribellare (to sift) and cribrum (a sieve), though GARBLE means to mix up or confuse.

The Edenic words GARBLED by Babel, the centuries, or both include ערבל ¬† GHeRBaiL (to sift, to mix, to confound), the Modern Hebrew ערבל GHaRBaL (concrete mixer, whirlpool, whirlwind), and the three letter root Ayin-Resh-Bet/Bhet which renders "mixed" (Exodus12:38), "woof" (Leviticus13:49), "evening" (or mixed light - Genesis1:5) and "Arabian" (or mixed Hamito-Semitic race - Nehemiah2:19). רוב ע GHaiROOBH is a mixture. Ayin-Resh-Bhet etymons are at entries like EUROPE and RAVEN.


CERTAIN, CRIMINAL, DISCRIMINATE, ENDOCRINE, SECRET, and RIDDLE are some of the alleged cognates of GARBLE under the Indo-European “root” krei (to sieve, discriminate, distinguish). Other listed cognates include CONCERN, CRISIS, CRITIC, DECREE, DISCERN, EXCREMENT (see EXCREMENT), and HYPOCRISY.the alleged Indo-European “root” is so much the opposite of GARBLE (to scramble) that it ultimately links up with Hebrew K-R terms like¬† (K)HeeKaiR (recognition). Spanish algarabia means jargon.

An antonym of the mixed domains of GeeBOOL (kneading) is GiBHOOL (boundary). Other related terms include CRIB, GRIFFE (mulatto), GRIFFIN, (UN)RAVEL, WARBLE (where sound is scrambled) and WARP (distorted, not from Old English weorpan (to throw – AHD). A #2-#3 root letter flip or M132 reveals GIBBER(ISH). Add an unhistoric S before the root, shift the guttural from G to hard C, and nasalize with an M, and you get SCRAMBLE – see SCRAMBLE.

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