Origin of English word GAS

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The word GAS is addressed in the entry: CHAOS

English Word


Edenic Word


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[GZ →KS]


change, pass, move (as in the wind)


The given, theoretic Indo-European “root” of CHAOS is gheu (to yawn, gape).  This strange etymology requires one to assume that the gap of gaping is like the chaos in a chasm.  While Greek khaos means a chasm, CHAOS is about confused, formless and unmeasurable space – not empty space.

GAS, coined in the 16th century, comes from the Greek term of CHAOS.  GAS is not a solid nor a liquid, but it is not empty.

A GASOUS or vaporous substance is amorphous, as hard to contain or define as the changing wind. From the infinitive Gimel-Vav-Zayin, גז GahZ  means to change, pass, move (as in the wind)] - Numbers11:31; Psalms90:1 .   גוז GOOZ in Syriac means to pass away or disappear, similar in Old South Arabic. GahZ is to send flying or to cause to fly.  The shifts in the guttural-fricative Edenic etymon are slight.


Another relevant guttural-fricative involves Het-Zayin – see HAZE.   HAZE,  fog or vagueness,  is certainly closer to CHAOS and GAS than the concept of empty space.  When the historical, Semitic origins of literacy are replaced by racist dreams for classical and Aryan roots, the result is CHAOS.

Gimel-Zayin  passing away is reversed in Japanese SG words like –sugi (past), sugiru (to pass, be over, be gone), and sugosu (to pass, spend).

Bible Verses

Numbers 11:31 ו רוח נסע מאת יהוה ויגז שׂלוים מן־הים ויטשׁ על־המחנה כדרך יום כה וכדרך יום כה סביבות המחנה וכאמתים על־פני הארץ׃

“ And there went forth a wind from the LORD, and brought across quails from the sea, and let them fall by the camp, about a day's journey on this side, and a day's journey on the other side, round about the camp, and about two cubits above the face of the earth.”



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