Origin of English word GASP

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The word GASP is addressed in the entry: ASPIRE

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Only at the Latin root of DESPAIR - spes, speres (hope) - could one locate the Edenic etymon for ASPIRE (to long for or seek after). Instead of listing Latin sperare (to hope) as the source of ASPIRE, the dictionaries offer Latin ad (to) + spirare (to breathe).

Longing and seeking after involves looking hard, not breathing hard.  צפיה TSeePeeYaH (hope) isan extension of צפה  TSePHaH (to look, expect).

Forgetting the Latin spes (hope) but retaining the R of ASPIRE are closer Hebrew etymons like                      שבר SaBHeR  ("hope" - Psalms146:5) and   שבר SeeBeR (to wait, hope).  "The eyes of all lookto you expectantly"  -- Psalms145:15.  We await some things breathlessly, but, despite שאף  SHahAhPH below,  this entry separates ASPIRATION (hope) from RESPIRATION  (breathing).

See the extensive fricative-bilabial family of blowers below.


The Indo-European “root”s spei and spe link DESPAIR, ESPERANCE and PROSPER. TheWord provides the key to international language, one of the ASPIRATIONS of ESPERANTO.

Now, back to the confusion of ASPIRE with SP words of RES­PIRATION - which might include WHISPER and GASP. The SP  or fricative-bilabial two-letter root of breathing is established in Hebrew by שאף  SHahAhPH (to pant, gasp, aspire – Jeremiah 14:6) and the synonyms נשף NeeSHaiPH (to breathe, exhale – Exodus 15:10) and    (reversing to P-S) נפש   NePHeSH (breath, spirit, character – Genesis 2:7), shifting bilabials B to P.  נשב  NaSHaBH (to breathe or blow – Isaiah 40:7  and the blowing סופה    $OOFaH (storm , tempest, whirlwind, hurricane  -- Jeremiah 4:13 ).  More TEMPEST at TIME.  PASSION may be a reversal of the S(H)-P. See SPIRIT.

Note how   נפש    NePHeSH (breath of life – Genesis 20)  and נשף    NaSHaPH, to blow, breathe  ( Exodus 15:10) are built-in synonyms via an  M132 metathesis. Moreover, נשף    NaSHaPH is a designed synonym of                                   נשב   Na SHaBH  via  a bilabial shift.  The same phenomena that allow Edenic to reclaim relationships with long-lost descendants allow it to amass an impressive, internal family of designed synonyms and antonyms.

The Noon-Shin-Mem /N-SH-M of  נשם   NaSHaM (breathe, pant – Isaiah 42:14) leads us, after an M132 metathesis to the ANIMUS entry. 

Either the initial Noon drops in   נפש NePHeSH (breath, soul) or reverse our SB or SP two-letter core-root to feel the Indo-European “root” bhes (to breathe), source of PSYCHE, PSYCHIC and PSYCHO-. Words like PSYCH, PSYCHEDELIC. PSYCHIATRY and psychic SUPPORT an etymon of the mind, not spirit. This is why an M321 reversal, S-B of  חשב   K[H]aSHeBH  (to think, intend  -- Genesis 50:20) may be the better source.

Bible Verses

Psalms 146:5 אשׁרי שׁאל יעקב בעזרו שׂברו על־יהוה אלהיו׃

“Happy is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God,”



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