Origin of English word GAUNT

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The word GAUNT is addressed in the entry: ANNOYANCE

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The suffix -ANCE (French -ance, Latin antin) forms nouns from verbs or adjectives as does  -OOS or OOT in Hebrew. The extra N (nasalization) of the suffix -ANCE is a common nuisance. NUISANCE means ANNOYANCE, but is traced to Latin nocere, to annoy.  ANNOY is from the Old French anoier or annoier.

The dictionary might have linked ANNOY to the Hebrew  ענוי  [E]eNOOY (torture, affliction) rather than to the Latin inodio (at enmity). The definitions of ANNOY grow from irritat­ing, vexing and bothering to harming, injuring and molest­ing. Similarly with the Ayin-Noon term, the mild self-affliction of Genesis31:42 or Numbers29:7 increases to a deadly mo­lestation in Deuteronomy22:29andJudges20:5 - "my consort they ravished, so that she died."—   ענו   [E]eNOO -- (University of Chicago's Bible translation).   

 ענוה [A]NaVaH is humility.   עני  [O]aNeeY is misery (Exodus 3:7);    ענות [E]hNOO(S) or [E]hNOOT means affliction of the humble (Psalms 22:25).    עני   [A]NeeY means miserable, afflicted or poor. The   ע-נ Ayin-Noon opposite is ענג    [O]NeG, delight – see  ENOUGH and HONEY.


[ E]NOO$ , with an Ayin, is thus related to OaNe$ (force, rape) with an Alef.  For the guttural version of the Ayin /GH in the Ayin-Noon root, note the influence of  GHaNeeY (afflicted; pauper) on the word GAUNT.  German  For a similar Edenic word, with the nasal-guttural reversed – see MEEK.

The Ayin-to-H permutation appears in the Hawaiian word for pauper and poor -hune. (More on this letter shift at HONEY.)  Hawaiian inea means hardship and suffering; its Proto Polynesian counterpart is said to be ingo (to abuse, persecute). Chinese yuan means treat unjustly as well as loss and disadvantage.

The ANOOSiM (forced ones) is a better term than the neutral Conversos or the pejorative Maranos for the those forced to convert during the Spanish Inquisition.

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