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Before   גאון GaOWN came to mean a genius or rabbinic leader, it was used to describe the "excellence" or "triumph" of God when affecting human events - as in Exodus15:7. Similarly, a JINNI in Moslem legend is a supernatural being that can influence human affairs. In the secular West, GENIUS came to mean an "inborn tutelary spirit."

Webster's gives the Latin etymon for GENIE and GENIUS, hoping that nobody checks the cross-reference to the Arabic "JINNI" to discover that GENIUS is not exclusively Western. The AHD cites Latin genius (procreative divinity) and the Indo-European root gen (to give birth).


Qa NeH is to create. GHaYiN, a water source (Joshua 15:62), can mean a figurative wellspring of thought, just as the eye, GHaYiN, can infer insight as wellas sight  --see EYE.   ENGINE, GIN (machine), INGENIUS and INGENUITY are related, as Latin gignere (to produce) is another attempt to bottle up the Semitic GENIE with Western etymons.   Many Arabs and Jews from Arab lands can also render the Gimel/ G as a J; a jimmel. This soft G may have been lost by themore far-flung Hebrew speaking communities.     See KIN and ORIGIN.

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