Origin of English word GEORGIC

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The word GEORGIC is addressed in the entry: ORGAN

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Latin organum and Greek organonare terms that mean instrument, implement or engine. The alleged IE “root” is werg (to do).

Man's first real ORGAN or ORGANIZED machine was the loom or shuttle,    ארג EReG. The first "machines" in America, for instance, were spinning wheels. The weaver,   אורג OWRaiG  was emblematic of the craftsman, and weaving, אריגה AReeYGaH, became synonymous with manufacturing in Indo-European languages.

ארג   ORahG (to weave) is seen in Judges 16:13.

For the woven sub-root — “see RUG”


Even primitive man understood that the human ORGANS, and ORGANICISM itself, was far too complex and too well engineered not to be carefully devised, like a loom. ארגון EeRGOON in Later Hebrew, is an ORGANIZATION. See ARCHITECT for related   ערך   Ayin-Res h -Khaf  terms of arrangement. Cognates of ORGAN include ALLERGY, ARGON, BOULEVARD, BULWARK, CHOLINERGIC, DEMIURGE, ENERGY, EXERGUE, EXOERGIC, GEORGIC, LITURGY, METALLURGY, ORGANON, ORGY, SURGERY, SYNERGISM, THAUMATURGE, WORK, WRIGHT and WROUGHT. Borrowed widely, the French and German ORGAN is organe and Organ; they both have organization .The Hungarian musical ORGAN is the orgona.

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