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French girafe and Italian giraffa is said to be a corruption of Arabic zirafah, although the term is meaningless is Arabic too and a G from a Z corruption is unnatural.  Perhaps zirafah is a metathesis   of  צואר    [T]ZaV’AhR (throat, front of neck).  While the GIRAFFE is a "neck" creature, the Edenic term for the GIRAFFE's prominent back or (S)CRUFF of the neck is the better etymon.  CERVIX, the back of the neck, is also from Ayin-Resh-Phey. The  ערף  [O]ReF or GHoReF is in Leviticus 5:8. Here is the perfect sound and sense for GIRAFFE, since ערף GHoReF means the scruff of the neck. Like SCARF, SCRUFF is a neck word whose initial S is non-historic – see SCARF and SCRUFF.    ערף  [O]ReF is also breaking the neck, see ORPHAN.


A related Gimel-Resh term, GaRoN (throat, neck), gives us other long-necked animals, like the CRANE, EGRET and HERON – see “EGRAT.”  Other G-R neck words are at GARGLE and GROAN.  Because of it’s Guttural-Liquid plus Bilabial, the CRAVAT  (necktie) belongs more with GHoReF than with GaRoN. A related Guttural-Liquid etymon is at COLLAR.

Bottlenecks in bottles preceded those of traffic jams.  John M. Sweigart correctly sees the long-necked bottle, the CARAFE or CARAFFE, as a household ‘giraffe.’  Making the link to Ayin-Resh-Phey (neck) and GIRAFFE (neck creature) even closer is the fact that the French and Italian forms of CARAFE came from Arabic ghiraf (spelling in Webster’s) or Arabic gharraif (AHD).  Irish b rage , neck, is an  M321 metahesis or full reversal of our Ayin-Resh-Phey, with a bilabial shift from  Phey/PH to B. 

CARAFE is but a S-G from our ערף GHoaReF, neck.

Orpah is the siter-in-law of Ruth who did  turn her back or ערף O]ReF on Naomi (Ruth 1:4).

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