Origin of English word GIST

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The word GIST is addressed in the entry: JET

English Word


Edenic Word


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[ YD → JT]


throw at or away


JET (to spurt forth or emit in a stream) is said to be from Latin jactare, a frequentive of jacere (to throw). Latin jacere, after an M132 metathesis, is a ringer for ירק YoRaQ or (Anglicized) JoRaQ (to throw  – see  JERK).  Much simpler etymons are available for JET, however, such as    ידה YeeDaH or JeeTaH (to "cast"- Lamentations3:53) and ידה YaDaH or JaDaH (to "shoot" - Jeremiah50:14). יד YahD or JahD (hand, handle, tenon), יצא YaTSAh (to go out) and יצק JaTSaQ or YaTSaQ (to cast, to pour out).


JET PLANE, JETSAM, JETTISON, JETTY (pier), JUT and perhaps JUTES (if this Germanic tribe were named for propelled weapons)  may be related to the Hebrew terms above as well. The AHD traces JET back to the Indo-European “root” ye (to throw). The listed cognates of JET include ABJECT, ADJACENI, ADJECTIVE, AMICE, CATHETER, CONJECTURE, DEJECT, DIESIS, EASE, EJACULATE, EJECT, ENEMA, GIST, INJECT INTERJECT, OBJECT, PARESIS, PARGET, PROJECT, REJECT, SUBJACENT, SUBJECT, SYNESIS and TRAJECTORY.  There are 14 joints in the hand. יד YahD, hand, is Yod (10) + Dalet (4) or fourteen. For an  unarmed יד YahD,  see KARATE. יד YahD can mean hand or arm; Japanese te is hand, and ude is arm.   The Italian getto (to throw, jet, shoot or cast) might be from Yod-Dalet too, but see the Yod-Tsadi and harder “cast” words at CAST. In Ibgo (Nigeria) jide, a יד YahD  hand word, is not to throw but to hold.

Bible Verses

Lamentations 3:53 צמתו בבור חיי וידו־אבן בי׃

“They have cut off my life in the dungeon, and have cast stones upon me.”



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