Origin of English word GLUE

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The word GLUE is addressed in the entry: CLEAVE

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pungent spice, gum, galbanum


To CLEAVE is to adhere or cling to; it is traced to the Indo-European base gleibh, where it connects to things like CLAY, CLOVER (with a sticky sap) and GLUE

  חלבנה   K[H]eLBHiNaH (galbanum) is the acknowledged source of Greek chalbane and English GALBANUM.  Found in Exodus30:34, this pungent spice ingredient is also defined as "gum," the principle glue of antiquity. The root of   חלבנה K[H]eLBHiNaH is   חלב K[H]eLeBH (fat), matching the Indo-European base of CLEAVE (gleibh), while the extended form fits the German term kleben, an official cognate of CLEAVE.  For the animal that cleaves (sticks to its master), see  כלב   KeLe[V] , dog, at LOBO.


CLEVIS, CLOVE, and GALE are related, the last two being pungent spices. LAVENDER has a sweeter aroma, and better fits another Biblical spice, Li(V)oaNaH (frankincense).

The dictionary links CLAMMY to CLAY and GLUE, via a reduced Indo-European base glei (to  together). CLAMMY seems closer to K[H]aLMaH (potter's clay) than to these KH-L-V words.

More interpretively, to CLEAVE is to be faithful. At the name CALEB or KaLaiBH in Numbers26:65) the dictionary states, "Hebrew. . ., literally dog; hence, faithful."  KeeLaiBH is to baste together.

Qee RBHaH (contact, nearness and relationship) cleaves to this entry after an L to R change.

More K[H]ayLeBH (fat) and the Indo-European “root” leip (to stick, adhere, fat) at LIVER.

Bible Verses

Exodus 30:34 ויאמר יהוה אל־משׁה קח־לך סמים נטף ושׁחלת וחלבנה סמים ולבנה זכה בד בבד יהיה׃

“And the LORD said unto Moses: ‘Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum; sweet spices with pure frankincense; of each shall there be a like weight.’”



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