Origin of English word GOOF

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The word GOOF is addressed in the entry: CZAR

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prince or officer


Russian TSAR is supposed to be a contraction of cesari, via Gothic KAISAR and Latin CAESAR.  Sara in Genesis, the first Jewish princess, introduces the word  שר SahR as prince or officer. InJeremiah17:25, "King" and   שר SahR are in the same breath.    כתר Ke(S)eR means crown  -- Esther 2:17 (see TIARA).    עצר   [E]TSER means authority and rule.   זר  ZaiR is a crown or wreath (Exodus 25:25) – this decorative edging on the altar matches German Zier (ornament, verb of decorating.).


In a nation’s circles of recognition, the innermost circle belongs to the wearer of the crown. ZaiR, as a Zayin-Resh identical opposite, means the outsider, foreigner and stranger (Exodus 30:33).

The “strange” fire of Nadav in Numbers 3:4 , ZaRaH, was more specifically “unauthorized.”

An GHaS(H)eeYR is a wealthy man or CZAR of industry. A #2-#3 letter flip makes the GHaReeTS (tyrant) sound like K-Z-R. CEASAR is said to mean "the hairy one."  [A]iSa[V]/ ESAU is literally "the hairy one" of antiquity whose kingdom, Sin-Ayin-Yod-Resh/ S[A]yeeYR or S-GH-R (Seir), means hair (Say[A]hR or S-GH-R) and who is linked to Rome (of the Caesars), 

[A]iSa[V] (Esau) is named for his hairiness in Genesis25:25 (akin to the Hebrew term [A]iSe[V] or grass). As a twin who wanted to kill his brother Jacob, Esau is a likely source for the myth about the demigod Romulus who founded Rome and killed his twin. Metathesize Sin-Ayin-Resh to GH-S-R to hear “Kaysar.”

Ayin-Sin-Vav leads to “kaysar” as well. The initial  Ayin of  [A]iSA[V] (Esau) can certainly be read as a guttural like K or the hard C of CAESAR. This leaves only the Vav/ V,W to R shift (see OR) that would allow Ayin-Yod-Sin-Vav to be pronounced as ghaysar, then Caesar.

At CHECKMATE the Vav of MaVeT (death) turned to a W in Arabic (mawt) and then made the easy W to R change to get MORT(AL).  TOAKH or THOAKH (within, through) becomes "thRough" the same way. Similarly, the TOOKeY or TWKY (exotic bird -– see TOUCAN) became TURKEY, and Gimel-Vav-Phey, GOOF or G-W-PH (body) gave us CORPUS. Nobody doubts the link between Latin serere (to sow) and SOW (R is related to W). There is also a reason why Anglo-Saxon HORSE is a V → R change away from the Finnish HoVose (horse).

See more Vav-to-T instances at MORTAL.  See  SHIRE and "SIR" for S-R royalty.

Bible Verses

Jeremiah 17:25 ובאו בשׁערי העיר הזאת מלכים ושׂרים ישׁבים על־כסא דוד רכבים ברכב ובסוסים המה ושׂריהם אישׁ יהודה וישׁבי ירושׁלם וישׁבה העיר־הזאת לעולם׃

“then shall there enter in by the gates of this city kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, they, and their princes, the men of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and this city shall be inhabited for ever.”



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