Origin of English word GOPHER

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[KH-PH-R → G-PH-R]




GOPHER wood is a borrowing from Hebrew, see CYPRESS.  GOPHER, the burrowing rodent, has been linked to gaufre (French for honeycomb and waffle). WAFER, WAFFLE and (their etymon) gaufreare terms of pleating or crimping - not digging. See another WAFFLE below.

Wells are dug or EXCAVATED in Genesis21:30  – see  CAVITY.

 The Hebrew verb there is    חופר K[H]OPHahR (to dig), recalling the GOPHER. Another famous digger is the mole.     חפרפרת K[H]aPHaRPeReT , literally a hole-digger.  It is translated "mole" in Isaiah2:20.

  קבר QaBHaR is to bury (Genesis 23:6), see below for more covering and uncovering  EXCAVATION. More Koof-Bhet holes at “CAVITY.

  חפש     K[H]aPeS   (search – Lamentations 3:40)  andour חפר   K[H]aPeR  (dig) are designed siblings.  Add  חפץ   K[H]ayPHeTS (desire) seen at CAPITALISM.    ח-פ Het-Pey is  the two-letter root they share,; to seek something that we desire, we "dig it up."     My hound digs with great haste  ( חפז    K[H]aPHahZ — II Samuel 4:4 ( . to find things in canine research.    A similar desire-haste connection is seen at ROTATE.

 Arabic is Semitic, but is also a (usually less severely) confused Edenic.  Arabic has lost the ח Het  from the words  above. Their gopher is פרה   PayRaH (Harkavy).


Moving from GPR to GRP, then P to V, GRAVE is from Old English grafan (to dig)  – see  "GRAVE."   The Edenic grave, QeBHeR, like KaPHaR (cover – Genesis 6:14) ,  are like-sounding, guttural-bilabial-liquid opposites of K[H]aPHaR.  Our Edenic etymon her is about excavating and uncovering, while these two words are about covering.

A related guttural-bilabial-liquid rodent is the [A]KHBahR (rendered "mouse" and placed alongside the mole in {Leviticus11:29).  While this rodent’s name may echo the gopher and mole, it’s name can also be broken up to mean OKHeL (eater or destroyer) + BaR (grain –see “BARLEY.) 

There is a non-rodent whose digging skills are legendary in truffle-hungry France.  The pig is not as prolific a digger as the gopher, but is the only animal used by humans as a digger or K[H]oPHeR. With a metahthesis this becomes PH-R-K[H] or Latin porcus (pig).  If K[H]oPHaR is the ultimate source of PORK, then PORCINE, PORCUPINE, PORKER and PORPOISE are included. Other Edenic etymons for PORK are at BUCKAROO and FORK.    Hawain kipi is to dig.  Farsi/Persian hafr is to dig.

German bagger means excavator. This M213 S-B, S-G of K[H]oaPHeR is better at explaining what the BADGER (discard the D) was named for than the weak etymology offered by Webster’s claim that the BADGER was formerly called a brock.  Digging and constant pestering, BADGERING, belong together.

RaPHaPH means to vacillate or tremble, so that WAFFLE (to vacillate) may come from a Resh-to-W shift. Airy WAFTING in air, as in LUFTWAFFE may also come from Ra[K]HaF (to hover in the air – Genesis 1:2). With the Resh/ R of HOVER floating to the front of the word, one can hear Ra[K]HaF.

The name of the most popular GOPHER, named a mascot by 700,000 Nascar fans, is Digger.

See SCREW for another animal that may be named for its digging.

Bible Verses

Isaiah 2:20 ביום ההוא ישׁליך האדם את אלילי כספו ואת אלילי זהבו אשׁר עשׂו־לו להשׁתחות לחפר פרות ולעטלפים׃

“In that day a man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made for themselves to worship, to the moles and to the bats;”



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