Origin of English word GOUACHE

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The word GOUACHE is addressed in the entry: AQUA

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[QV → QU]


The Indo-European “root” created for the many similar Japhetic water terms is ak(w)a, water.

AQUEOUS (water-like) terms like AQUA (Latin water) are ultimately from the Edenic  קו QaV (line, a QUE in British English) since water finds its level (yes, physics counts if the creator of sciences is behind language).  Moreover,  the first reference to the ocean or lower water is the   מים   מקוה MiQ’VeH MaYim, the gathering or pool of water (as in “pool together”), the  ימם YaMiM, seas of Genesis 1:11.   קו   QaV as “measuring line” is in II Kings 21:13. 


English cognates listed at this root include: AQUARIUM, AQUATIC, AQUI-, EWER, GOUACHE, ISLAND (see SOLITARY) and SEWER. Spanish and Italian retain recognizable agua and acqua, but the French silences the guttural, and abbreviates it to eau.  In studies of world vocabulary, akwa is Earth’s most popular term for water.    Why is “to hope” also Koof-Vav-Hey?  An invisible line is drawn to one’s objective.   Varient forms of (KW), like AQUA, are abundant in world water words. ky’awe means water in Zuni (an isolate, native American language of New Mexico).    For more water, see MIAMI.

תקוה TiQVaH (hope) has this same קו     QaV  sub-root because h ope is drawing a line to your objective.

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