Origin of English word GOVERN

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[KH- V-N]


GOVERN is from Latin gubemare and Greek kybernan (to steer, pilot, direct, guide). No Indo-European “root” is available.

1.       כון   KeyVaiN and KOAVNaiN mean to direct or put in the right place - Psalms11:12. KeyVOON means direction; KaVeNeT is a guide or gunsight in Modern Hebrew.

2.  Using the R of GOVERN would be גבר Ga[V]aR, to conquer, overcome – see such undemocratic words of throwing weight around in an alpha-male manner at such entries as “GRAVE” and VIRILE.  Guttural-bilabial is the sound of weighty dominance, as seen in  כבש Ka(V)ahSH (to subdue – see “VANQUISH”) and   כבד   KaBHeD (weight, importance – see HEFT.”)


COMPOUND is attributed to Latin com (together) + ponere (to place). Only a few of the dozen meanings of COMPOUND have anything to do with putting things together. The etymology provides terms like Old French componre (to direct), which could be a nasalized (added M) form of  KeyVOON (to direct).

A clearer example of the treachery of spelling involves the building COMPOUND. The dictionary acknowledges that the source is Malay kampun (enclosure) — see HAVEN.

A few of the meanings of COMPOUND (better reduced to KPN) may well derive from  K[H]oaPHaN (to take a handful) and  K[H]oaPHeN (a handful, a measurement). The CMP of COMPOUND (to compute), the CMP of COMPUTE and the CMB of COMBINE could all be from a #2-#3 letter swap) of Het-Phey-Noon/ KH-PH-N. The connection between Hebrew "hand" terms and words of counting is established at entries like MITT and QUINTET Latin ponere can also mean to found or set up. COMPOUND, COMPONENT, EXPOUND and EXPONENT may be PN terms ultimately related to BaNaH (to build).

Ge(V)eR is a distinguished man, a warrior. The weak Bhet often drops out, so Russian geroi’ (hero) could be from Gimel-Bhet-Resh. Russian G is often like a European H (gora is a hill), so the AHD’s weak source for HERO (the IE “root” ser- 1 , to protect) lacks both sound and sense.

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