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The given etymology does not take up that sense of GRADE which means "to make level" or to GRATE (from Old French grater, to scrape).

 This sense derives from גרד GayRaiD (to scrape - Job2:8).    See CHARACTER.  For GRADE as a rank, see DEGREE.

 More on the subroot at WALK.

  While גרד GayRaiD  is to scrape, make level, the opposite by metathesis is דרג DaRahG, to  make steps, GRADUATED  GRADES, as in the terracing common in Judea.


Reversing GRD recalls DRAG, another forceful pulling term. גרר GaRaR is to scrape or plane. Not GRADE but GRATE is a cognate of SCRATCH at Indo-European grat (to scratch). The related Indo-European “root” red (to scrape, scratch, gnaw) lists ABRADE, ABRASION, ABRASIVE, CORRODE, CORROSION, CORROSIVE, ERASE, ERODE, RADULA, RASH, RODENT and ROSTRUM. A good match for Latin corrodare (to gnaw, corrode) is Het-Lamed-Dalet, an guttural and liquid letter shift away from GaRaD.  K[H]aLooDaH is rust, and  K[H]ooLDaH is a rat. Hebrewthereby links the animal and chemical forces that eat away at our goods  – see  HALT. Now RODENT and ERODE make more sense as cognates, and now it is clear that RAT and RUST belong here beside RODENT and ROSTRUM.

Other GR chewing terms include GayRaH (cud - Leviticus11:7).

And now to the GRADE (step, rank) that appears in DEGREE and DEGRADE. Latin gradus is a step or rank;the alleged Indo-European “root” is ghredh (to walk, go). Reverse GRD to DRK to hear דרך DaRahKH (to walk, step, tread) – see WALK..

The IE “root”'s "to walk, go" is far too weak a connection to "rank," "degree," "grade," or "step." Dutch rang, Turkish derece and Arabic daraga are all words for "degree." These, along with RANK and RUNG suggest a (D)-R-G/K etymon. (RANK and RUNG have dropped the initial D and taken on an N via nasalization.) The true etymon ought to be versatile enough to reverse to GRADE, and to scramble to form the Swahili word for "degree"- kadiri. Old Irish grade is grad. More of these exam GRADES (rankings) at DEGREE.

Post-Biblical Hebrew offers  DaRGaH (step, grade, rank) and (Ma)DRayGaH (rung, scale, step, grade, or "steep place" in Ezekiel38:20. The Semitic cognates include Syriac DaRGAh, ste.  Persian “grade” is darje, an obvious דרגה   DaRGaH .     See DEGREE.

GRAZE (to glance the surface) is another גרד GayRaiD scraping word – see GRAZE.


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