Origin of English word GRAPHITE

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[G-PH-R → G-R-PH]


Graphein is to write in Greek  – see  SCRAPER.the alleged Indo-European “root” is thought to be gerbh (to scratch). The essence of GRAPHITE, the soft, black form of carbon used in lead pencils, existed before writing. It is therefore more logical to assume that GRAPHICS or writing was named for the writing material and not vice versa.

The given etymology forgets that pencil lead is applied, not scratched into a surface. The term for lead in Exodus15:10,  עופרת [O]aFERES or GHOAPHeR(eT), switches the #2 and #3 root letters to get GRAPHITE. A lead pencil is an [E]ePAROAN or GHeePaROAN, as the root is [A]PHaRor GHaPHaR (loose earth, dust).

See Malay kapur (chalk) at "CA(M)PHOR."

The suffix on both the Hebrew and the English captioned terms is identical in sound and sense. The sameTahf/ T suffix of derivation appears in IVReeYT (Hebrew; lit ofthe Hebrews) or in the first word of the Hebrew Bible, B’RaiSHeeYT (from the beginning of...). Beside the -ITE suffix in GRAPHITE, dynamite or Brooklynite, the Tahf/Sahf / T or S suffix gave us the -ESE (of) suffix in "journalese" and the -ITIOUS (of) suffix in "nutritious."   The –ITE suffix of belonging to a people is seen in Numbers 12:1 where Miriam talks ill of the dark-skinned Cushite that Moses married, KOOSHeeYT (Yod-Tahf  feminine suffix). Miriam’s own skin then turned whiter than white.


Genesis 18:27 musically relates APHaR (dust) and AyPHeR (ashes). The music is grave and mortal, as carbon we are and to carbon we shall return (to play on Genesis3:19). CARBON, what GRAPHITE is made of, is also made up of a guttural-bilabial and R - while its Indo-European “root” ker (heat, fire), would brand it from  K[H]aRaH (to burn).

Greek tephra (ashes) is too close to AyPHeR (ashes) to not mention TEPHRITE. Greek aspros (white-source of DIAPER and ASPIRIN, a white powder) is close enough to APHoaR (gray) and AyPHeR (ashes) to consider.

For the scratching, cutting words of writing see CARVE - an alleged cognate of GRAPHITE.

For "engrave," see "GRAVE."

The   ע Ayin as GH is clear in the Arabic word for it’s North African illegal settlement  gotten after invading the Berbers. Countries like Morocco and Tunisia are the MAGHREB, the West, as  ערב [A]RahBH or GHaReBH means west. See EVENING.

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