Origin of English word GRAVEL

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The word GRAVEL is addressed in the entry: CORAL

English Word


Edenic Word


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small stone


Marine CORAL is traced beyond the Greek korallion to Hebrew  גרל GoRahL (pebble) and to Arabic garal (small stone). Such pebbles were used as lots to designate the scapegoat in Leviticus16:8.  Edenic Gimel/ G  often shifts to a harder guttural, like an English K or hard C  – see  CAMEL.   So the GR terms ar related:   גרעין GaR[E]eYN is a stone or kernel – see GRAIN.   גרגר GeRGaiR is a berry or pill.


CALCULATE,  CALCULUS (the Latin pebble), and CROCODILE are initially from Greek kroke (a pebble), so they are related  The first syllable in CALCULATING may come from KOOL (to measure – Isaiah 40:12).  CALCIFY, CALCIUM and related words are initially from Latin calx, limestone. They may be cut from a different Edenic stone, the Samekh-Lamed-Ayin at SILICON.

 GRAVEL appears when one swaps letters #2 and #3 of Gimel-Vav=Resh-Lamed/ G-V-R-L. GRAVEL might also be seen in the Aramaic term GHeRBHaiL, a mixing term used for cement and concrete making.        Shuffle them a bit with an M132 metahesis, and CLERGYMEN and CLERKS owe the sound of their guttural-liquid-liquid lot to GoRaL (lot). The Greek term for lot, kleros, gave rise to CLERIC and CLERK because members of the CLERGY were chosen by lot. Greek klerikos (clergyman, priest) is reduced to clero (clergy) in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. C-L-R is but a #2-#3 letter flip from K-R-L or G-R-L in the Hebrew.

Bible Verses

Leviticus 16:8 ונתן אהרן על־שׁני השׂעירם גרלות גורל אחד ליהוה וגורל אחד לעזאזל׃

“ And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats: one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for Azazel.”



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