Origin of English word GRAVITY

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[G(V)R → GR(V)]


overpower (by force)


Latin gravis (weighty) is traced to t he Indo-European “root” gwer (heavy).

Isaac Newton’s law of GRAVITATIONAL force is all about the overpowering of relative weights.

In the Flood of Genesis 7:24 the waters “swelled” (JPS) or “prevailed “ apon the earth (KJV).  JPS tries to be literally descriptive, but the KJV is closer to the Gimel-Bhet-Resh of  גבורה Gi(V)OORaH (strength, might) seen at CRAFT.  Weight is power.  See BARON for humans  with GRAVITAS who throw their weight around.  A גבר Ge(V)eR is a mighty warrior. When Moslems say  Allahuakbar, they are saying that God is powerful or great, with the Gimel-Bhet-Resh sense that Allah is weighty, the heavyweight champion.  A crushing tragedy is a GRIEVOUS or GRAVE one.  Gimel-Bhet-Resh may be divide into two sub-roots. For the Gimel-Bhet of height (of the upper hand), see GIBBON.  For the Bhet-Resh and Resh-Bhet of might and volume, see BARON and RIFE  (where the Bhet-Resh subroot of גבר    GaBHaR (overpowered, thus outweighed ) is reversed.

A synonym by metathesis is   בגר BoGaiR (mature, ripe… thus large) – see BIG.


Greek, barus (heavy) and baros (weight) gave English  BARITONE, BARIUM,  BRUTE and ISOBAR. 

The heavy, serious GRAVE has cognates like AGGRAVATE, BARITONE, BLITZKRIEG, BRUTE, GRIEF, GRIEVE,  GRIEVOUS, ISOBAR and QUERN.  These words are broght together by the AHD, and their Indo-European “root” gwera (heavy) resembles a heavy word like  עפרת GHOAFeReS ("lead' - Numbers31:22).  The heaviness, weigh and GRAVITAS is seen in Spanish words like gravaman , tax burden; grave, severe, heavy; gravedad, gravity and gravoso, heavy.  Another official cognate, GURU (venerable, heavy—from Hindi and Sanskrit), recalls גביר  G[V]eeYR (master, lord – see BARON).

See BAROMETER, BRIO, “KRAFT” and VIGOR for more on Gimel-Bhet-Resh .  More weight at HEFT.

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Dan   4/1/2017 4:06:00 PM
Gibor = hero. Gever = grown man. What about the word grow?

Garabrielle    12/10/2014 7:55:00 AM

XDN 58 Clg   5/16/2014 8:46:00 PM

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