Origin of English word GRAZING

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The word GRAZING is addressed in the entry: GRAZE

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1)   There are two GRAZE words in English, that should be seen as oine. The first GRAZE means "to feed on herbage;" the second is "to scrape." GRAZE is thought to derive from Old English groes (grass); the second GRAZE "probably" meant "to come close to the grass."  There is no Indo-European “root” for GRAZE (to scrape or scratch the surface… for animals to feed in pastures). Herd animals look like they are skimming the surface as they feed on grassland. The lack of a poetic sense and being far from real life kept this unified GRAZING picture from the lexicographers.

GRAZE is another גרד GayRaiD scraping word ) Job2:8 – see GRADE) , once we remember that ז Zayin/Z and ד Dalet/D  can interchange.  This uncommon (Aramaic) shift is seen at AUSCULATE.     Webster’s does not see how GRAZING (as in a bullet that GRAZES one’s shoulder, or GLANCES off it) can be like GRAZING cows.  

2)  Until better documented, we have a right to be skeptical about unusual letter shifts. The common denominator in the two GRAZE words is the act of cutting; not the presence of anygrass. גרז GaRaZ is to cut (Psalms31:23).


Displaying metathesis in Hebrew synonyms is the word   גזר GaZaR (to cut). Further examples of this phenomenon include terms for breath (NeFeSH and NaSHaF), a lamb (KeBHeS and  KeSeBH), and a dress (SiMLaH and SaLMaH). Every Hebrew word contains the genetic code of its synonym and antonym, but more than a simple swap of letters is usually required. Polish rozgry-zac is to sever with one’s teeth – a backward גזר   GaZaR like animal grazing.

גרזן GaRZ eN is an ax.   The Czech ax is a sekera (M312, S-G, S-F).      See GRADE and GRASS.

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