Origin of English word GROWING

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The word GROWING is addressed in the entry: GROW

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The invented Indo-European “root” of GROW is ghree,  meaning grow, then green.  Old English growan is about attaining mass, as we largely use GROWING today, and not maily about cultivating plants.  There is an Indo-European “root” ker- 3   (to grow), seen at ACCRUE. Agriculture figures here too.

The Edenic etymons do cover botanical growth. But the guttural-R Romance words for ‘grow,” ”fat” and “increase” below  again indicate that GR growth need not be as  agricultural as the AHD would assume.

  אגר   AhGahR means to collect, gather, hoard, stockpile (Proverbs 6:8 – the scriptural context is always agricultural).    אגור AGOOR now means amassed or accumulated. אגר  Aleph-Gimel-Resh in Deuteronomy  28:39 refers to the maturation of grapevines.  

  אגר AhGahR , to gather,  and עגור AGOOR, amassed  are antonyms by metathesis, M231 of גרע GaR[A]h, to lessen, reduce, deduct (Exodus 5:8, 11).

בגר   BaGaR means toGROW up, or come of age – see BIG.    גרש   GeReSH  is  fruit, produce --  Deuteronomy 33:12;  ר שג SHeGeR is the offspring of animals (which have yet to grow big --  Exodus 13:12).  While a Gimel-Resh/GR sub-root is considered, an end-Resh/R usually turns a su b-root into a verb.


Along with the guttural-R sound and sense of GROWTH in words like  ACCRUE,  DECREASE, INCREASE and GROSS (fat), consider these words for “grow”:  crecer  (Spanish, Portuguese), crescere *Italian),  creste (Rumanian)and groeeni (Dutch).  Similar wotds for “fat” or grown large include: graisse (French),   grasa (Spanish) ,  grasso   (Italian),  gordura (Portuguesew) and  grasime  (Rumanian.)

CRASS is from Latin crassus, dense (also grown thick and fat).

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