Origin of English word GUESS

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[KH- O-S(H)]


Middle English gessen is from Old Swedish gissa (to guess). The Indo-European “root” offered for GUESS is ghend or ghed (to take, seize). A G-S seize word is more likely from  אחז     AK[H]aZ, to grasp, as seen at HAS).

The guttural-fricative or KS root of GUESS appears in חוש K[H]OOS(H) (feeling, sense – Job 20:2). כסס  Ka$a$ (to reckon - Exodus12:4) is another possibility; its double S is a plus in linking it to GUESS.

The most significant feature of the חשן     K[H]oSHeN  (the high priest’s breastplate of Exodus 2*:29) involves three Het-Shin things.   1) quickness (see HASTE), 2) glitter (also Het-Shin Mem or Noon) of the breastplate gems which ,  3), were like a computerized oracle or reckoning  (see Het-Shin-Bhet below).  As a divine "oracle,"  it the opposite of נחוש    NiK[H]OOSH divination. 

חוש K[H]OOS(H) is rendered “felt” in the Lexicon (Ecclesiates 2:25). Harkavy similarly renders it “impulse” and “emotion”, closely related to similar source of HASTE , see HASTE.   

  The Het-Shin  ח-ש of  חשב   K[H]oaSHaiBH (to think – Isaiah 10:7)  is the opposite of a  hasty GUESS or HUNCH (an intuition, .Het-Shin nasalized).  HUNCH is officially “origin unknown.”   Dividing the two elements of  חשב   K[H]oaSHaiBH (to think), we can see why it differs in speed and deliberation from our Het-Shin  ח-ש Het-Shin  ח-ש root of GUESS and HUNCH.

The second sub-root of   חשב   K[H]oaSHaiBH (to think) is   Shin-Bhet .   שב   SHahBH means “return, go back, do again” (Ben-Yehuda).     It means to “bring back” in Deteronomy 30:3. Joined with our Het-Shin  ח-ש sub-root,  חשב   K[H]oaSHaiBH (to think), = hasty intuition plus mulling over the idea thoroughly.


Middle English gessen (to think) best fits the Het-Shin of חשב     K[H]aS HahBH, to think, figure, or "reasoning" in Ecclesiastes7:29).  In Sumerian gashu means intelligent. Shift gutturals and cultures, and Choost’va in Russian means emotions. Perhaps we are uncovering yet another set of sound-alike opposites.

Reckoning and counting may be considered an antonym of guesswork, or a synonym of estimation.  Either way,    חשוב       [ K]HaSHooBH, to reckon, count is a close realtive of our Het-Shin term  (Genesis 15:6).  To c ount in Swahili is   hesabu; hahsib in Arabic.     חשבון K[H]eeSHaBHOAN is a  cunning engine or device (Harkavy – II Chronicles 26:15).  More like the communicator in cyberspace (the K[H]oaSHeN above), the computer that does quick calculations  is the      מחשב Ma’K[H]SHeBH (computer).

See   HUNCH and MAGIC.

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