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The Indo-European “root” of GYRE is geu (to bend). Greek gyros (circle, ring spiral) is but an R → L change from GL terms like גלגל GaLGaL (wheel -Ecclesiastes12:6) and  [A]GoaL (round). The AHD insists that “the root of  Greek  guros, ring, is more likely of unknown origin."

Q[A]eR (curve, bend) KeeKaR (traffic circle) and KeeRKaR (top, spindle - from a KR word in IISamuel6:14) are also related guttural-liquid round terms.  KoR[A]h  is to bend  – see  CROUCH.  More GR restless movement at MIGRATE.


GYRATE and GYRO- are listed cognates from the Indo-European “root” geu (to bend).

WHEEL as well as COLONY, CULT(IVATE), CUTURE and SILVICOLOUS are traced to Latin colere (to till, cultivate, inhabit) and the Indo-European “root” k(w)el (to revolve, move around, sojourn, dwell).

These IE “root”s and Grimm's Laws point out the connection between ) GaLGaL (wheel) and the mobile, restless GYRATIONS of the GaiR ("stranger," sojourner or alien - Exodus23:9).

The restless GULL might be named for GYRATIONS in the air or for prowess upon the round and bending ) GahL (wave).

The PANGOLIN (scaly anteater) is able to roll into a ball. Malay gulin (to roll) is another form of GiL-GaiL (to roll) or  GaLaL (to roll).

Another creature that seems to roll about is the KANGAROO. The name is likely a creole corruption of the native ga[n]garoo – which is a nasalized   גלגל GaLGaL (wheel).   

Take our circular G-R, nasalize and reverse it… and you get a familiar RING.     See CURVE and   CYCLE.

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falasha   11/16/2011 8:53:00 AM
I have just discovered this website and am blown away. Thank you for solving the GL mystery. I have been searching for quite some time. "Gur" must be related in some way to the circling of vultures (soul carriers) after they have consumed the body.

falasha   11/16/2011 8:49:00 AM
This is a test of error resolution.

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