Origin of English word HABIT (nun’s)

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English Word

HABIT (nun’s)

Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[DG → DK]




The confused AHD puts words for giving and having, dwelling and owing all under the

so-called Indo-European “root” ghabh or ghebh (to give or receive). They cite Latin habere, to have.  Latin habitare, to dwell, has relevance to HABITATION or HABITUAL, but not to a nun’s or monk’s veil or cowl. The same lexicographers who call “god” and “giddy” cognates, believe that taking on the vestements of religious devotion is a HABIT like an opiate.

The “root” fits the Edenic “give”. See below.  But there’s no giving in HABITS.

The חבא  [K]HaBAy in Genesis 3:8 is hiding.  Adam and Eve hide in that verse, covering themselves in shame like a penitent monk or nun. חבה   [K]HaBHaH is to withdraw and hide – II Kings 7:12.  Just Het-Bet,   חב [K]HoaBH, is the concealing bosom, where sins are hid as in Job 31:33.  Guttural-bilabial concealment is revealed at ‘COVER.”  חפה [K]HaPHaH is a guttural-bilabial synonym of coveing up in secrecy -- II Kings 17:9 – see COVER and HAVEN.


To expose, reveal and present to the public what our Semitically-challenged etymologies are missing, let us examine the word EXHIBIT (defined by the verbs above). Is EXHIBITING Latin ex  (out) of habere (having)?  Is not an EXHIBITION more like taking something out of hiding?

 People may be thought of as concealed within their homes, HABITATS or HABITATIONS. But the “hidden” sense of  חב Het-Bet best fits French habit, attire, coat, dress, vestements.  Clothes are more clearly concealments. All movable things can fit under “having.”   French has the other cognates, like habitant (INHABITANT), and the reader can decide if these are words of “having” or “concealing.”

The given cognates of owing, like DEBIT, DEBT and DUE, are also from חב Het-Bhet.

The Indo-European “root” above, ghabh (to give, receive, is from  הבה HahBHaH (give! Genesis 29:21 ).

Why does this sound so much like הבה      א AHahBHaH, love?  Because the heart of loving is giving.

 Hey-Bhet  ה-ב , the  imperative HaBH, HaBHeeY or הבה  HaBHaH (give!) of Genesis 30:1,  is the better etymon for such alleged non-covering cognates of HABIT, like FORGIVE, GIFT and GIVE.        A guttural shift of the ה   Hey/H gives us GIVE.    See חוב   [K]HOABH, debt, at OWE.

Most like a HABITATION or HABITATis Amharic (Ethiopia/ Semitic)  kabet  (house).

Bible Verses

Genesis 3:8 וישׁמעו את־קול יהוה אלהים מתהלך בגן לרוח היום ויתחבא האדם ואשׁתו מפני יהוה אלהים בתוך עץ הגן׃

“And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden toward the cool of the day; and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.” Genesis 3:8



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