Origin of English word HARPOON

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sword, knife, blade of a plow


A HARPOONis a thrown, sharp weapon, like a spear or javelin. It is not sickle or hooklike, and it doesn’t cut things off.  Nonetheless, the Indo-European “root” invented for this is serp- 1 (sickle, hook), and the Latin word cited is sarpere (to cut off, prune).  Captain Ahab’s HARPOON to stab Moby Dick is related to Biblical King Ahab’s sword.  The first recorded sword is the K[H]eReBH of Genesis 3:24.

More guttural-liquid swordsplay at GUERRILLA and HARROW.


Since war is Arabic is harb, one might mistake Hungarian war, haboru, for a borrowing. But borrowed words are not usually recast in M132  metathesis form. Nor did anyone have to borrow a word for war. Turkish harb, war, is from Arabic cultural dominance. Our  Edenic [K]HeReBH   (sword… also meaning war ) is thelogical source of both the Arabic and Hungarian words.  The Polish saber is a karabela.

The verb GORE is traced to Old English  gar and Old Norse geirr (spear), whose Edenic source should be K[H]eREBH (sword). The weak Bhet has been lopped off.  Another guttural-liquid weapon is the Ukrainian kil (spear). See HARROW.

HARVEY is a Germanic name meaning a warrior, like French herve. More HR and HL warlike names incluse HARRIOT and HILDA.  The Het-Resh-Bhet in $aN K[H]ayReeYBH ,  the Assyrian king SENNACHERIB (II Kings 18:13) means war and K[H]aRahBH (destroy – II Kings 3:23).  [Al L. ANsley]   To Hebrew listeners, the name means $ahN (sharp – see TINE) + the Het-Resh-Bhet element of sword and destruction. It is no problem if the name means something else in Assyrian, just like MoSHeH (Moses) and BaBHeL (Babel) mean something else in Egyptian (son) and Babylonian (godly gate).

Bible Verses

Micah 4:3

And they shall beat swords into ploughshares…



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