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HARROW is a verb of plowing, cutting and tormenting; a HARROW is a plowing device. Agriculture began in the Fertile Crescent, but the AHD has no Indo-European “root” and no concern for a Semitic one. Webster's can only present a "probable" connection to Old Norse hervi and Danish harv, adding that the Indo-European base is "possibly (s)qer- (to cut)."   HARVEST is linked to the Sanskrit sword, krpana—from het-Resh-Bhet.  חרב [K]HeReV is a sword, knife or blade of a plow - Genesis3:24.  החריב Hee[K]HReeYBH is to destroy – Ezekiel 19:7. More violent HARROWING at HARRY.  More good and bad blades at  CARVE.


HARVESTING was done with a swordlike scythe. The invented Indo-European “root” of HARVEST is kerp (to gather, pluck, harvest), which sounds much like Het-Resh-Bhet. The AHD lists cognates of HARVEST like –CARP, CARPEL, CARPO-, CARPOUS, CARPET and EXCERPT. These cognates of GRIP are at GRAPPLE.

  See HEARSE for HARSH HR plowing words like  [K]HaRaSH (to plow, engrave). Latin hirpex is a HARROW. [K]HaRee is sharp, acute; [K]HoaReF is the sharp and biting winter – see HIBERNATE.  [K]HaReeYTSaH is sharpening or cutting.

The HAR terms above explain why Latin arare means to plow. The Latin and IE “root” ara are the source of ARABLE. Orac in Polish is to plow. The Polish saber is a karabela.   An R or L to N change is need for Basque ganibet (knife), Scandinavian kniv and English KNIFE to tie in to  K[H]eReBH (knife) and K[H]aLaF (very sharp knife). K[H]aLaF is also to pierce.  KNIFE might also derive from a #1-#2 letter swap of  NaQaBH (to pierce).

The Hawaiian blade is kila (Resh → L); the Korean knife is k’al.


For weapon, war and spear words from KHeReBH (sword), see HARPOON  above.  More guttural-liquid war words at GUERRILLA and HARRY.

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