Origin of English word HARRY

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[ H R(V)]


To HARRY is to lay waste or merely torment. The Indo-European “root” is koro ( war, war-band, host and army). Webster’s also has an etymon meaning “army,” the Anglo-Saxon here.

Edenic has החריב   Hee[K]HReeYBH  (to destroy – Ezekiel 19:7) to cover H-R.  For a harder K-R rtymon, there are   קרב    Q’RaBH (battle - Psalms144:1),   חרב K[H]eReBH (sword, destruction – see HARPOON) and חרום   K[H]aROOM (state of war).  גר GahR is to quarrel, battle as in Deuteronomy2:9 – see GUERRILLA.  The liquid shifts to L, but  חיל K[H]aYiL  means army (II Kings 18:17).

The HARRIER dog was bred for HARRYING rabbits, while the HARRIER jet was made to keep enemies HARRIED. Gutturals plus R make an aggressive sound.Like-sounding relatives of גרה   GaRaH (to provoke) include   חרחור K[H]eeRK[H]OOR (quarreling), חרחר  K[H]eeRK[H]aiR (to provoke strife); NeeKH]aRaH (to contend - Isaiah41:11), התחרה HeeTK[H]aRaH (to compete, rival),   and reversing guttural-liquid bears  לחם   LoaK[H ]a M (to wage war).

The sound of  חרב K[H]eReBH (sword; a figurative term for "war" - Genesis31:27) rattles above the words for "war" in Arabic and Turkish, harb, as well as Hungarian haboru (switch B and R).

Cognates of HARRY at Indo-European “root” koro (war…) include HARANGUE, HARBINGER, HARBOR, HARRY, HERALD, and HERIOT. Old English here is "army." Germanic hild (battle, war) gave us BRUNHILD, HILDA, HILDEBRAND and HILDEGARDE. Related H-R martial names include HARBIN, HARCOUR, HARLAND, HAROLD and the name HARRY, HERBERT,and HERMAN.

Just as גר GahR is to quarrel, battle, the Japanese words for “argue” and “army” have a K-R (reversed, as usual).          More H-R violence at HARASS.

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