Origin of English word HARSH

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The word HARSH is addressed in the entry: HEARSE

English Word


Edenic Word


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to plow or engrave


Middle English herse is said to have originated with Old French herce (a harrow or

elaborate plow).  See HARROW.  A harrow was pulled by “the plower” or [K]HoaRaiSH, see HORSE.

חרש   [K]HoaRayS(H) is to plow (Micah3:12) or engrave;  מחרישה   Ma[K]HaRaySHaH is a plow.   חרש K] HoaRahS is  also to engrave;   חרץ [K]HaRayTS is to cut into .  


נחרץ    Ne[K]HeRaTS is dug or plowed.  Het can become a vowel, and the Shin always

becomes a T in Aramaic.  More Het-Resh and Kahf-Resh digging at HOLE and HOLLOW.  [K]HOAR or [K]HoaR (hole) is  a hole. KaRaH is to dig (Genesis 26:25).  
  Ukrainian oraty is to plow 

The harsher pronunciation of Het-Resh-Shin is K[H]aRayS(H). HARSH is from the IE base qars (to scratch, comb); GASH is from Old French garser (to make a deep cut). [K]HoReSH means a plower. For the British, who didn’t plow with oxen, the plower was the HORSE. 

See more guttural-liquid scratching  at  CHARACTER  and  plowing at  HORSE  (The HEARSE-HORSE connection based on the unique name of  this plowing animal  in English speaking lands).

  See Het-Resh-Shin skill , as in Russian horosho (good),   at GOOD.

Bible Verses

Micah 3:12 לכן בגללכם ציון שׂדה תחרשׁ וירושׁלם עיין תהיה והר הבית לבמות יער׃

“Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of a forest.” Micah 3:12



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