Origin of English word HAUGHTY

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The word HAUGHTY is addressed in the entry: ALUMNUS

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ALUMNUS in Latin doesn't only mean a pupil - graduating or not - but a foster son. The feminine counterpart is ALUMNA.

Similarly,   עלם   E]LeM (young man, as in ISamuel17:56—see MALE) is countered by the better known term    עלמ ה [A]LMaH (young woman, as in Canticles or Songs6:8). ALME, listed in some English dictionaries, is an Arabic term for a dancing girl. It is derived from alimah (learned), implying that the young ladies are ALUMNI from a dance academy.

( Israelis with a pseudo-Sephardic (post-Spanish) standard of pronunciation do not like the   ת Tahf/T as Sahf /(S), but the global evidence justifies the Sahf/(S) as a legitimate variant. Were Israe li Hebrew consistently Sephardic, the Ayin would always be guttural and not a vowel.)


[A]hLMOO(S) is youth or vigor;  [O]WLeL is a child; Na'[A]R is a boy or youth. Marya is a youth in Sanskrit, Malchik in Russian. More nasal-liquid adolescents at MORON. Rescramble Na’[A[R, Noon-Ayin-Resh  back to Ayin-Lamed-Mem, [E]LeM ( L shifts liquids to R; M shifts nasals to N), then gutturalize the y to get GLM and the Turkish word for boy, oglan.

UHLAN, a mounted soldier in the Polish or German army, is traced to Turkish oghlan (youth).

ALUMNI or ALUMNUS is placed at the Indo-European “root” al (to grow, nourish). The listed cognates at this root include ABOLISH, ADOLESCENT, ADULT, ALIMENT, ALIMONY, ALTITUDE, COALESCE, ELDER, ENHANCE, HAUGHTY, OLD and PROLIFIC.

Close to Latin and to our academic usage of ALUMNUS, Italian alunno is a pupil.

It is clear in Songs 6:8 that the [A]LMOAT (young ladies) are the most numerous and least prestigious of the king’s sexual possessions.  Sadly, the KJV translates [A]LMaH as “virgin” to get a virgin  birth from Isaiah 7:14.

Previous Bible translations are notoriously sloppy, yet there are sincere people who believe that King James’ translators were as infallible as Popes.

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