Origin of English word HAVEN

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HAVEN (sheltered place, harbor) is from German hafen is from Indo-European base with basic sense "that holds" is from IE “root” kap (to grasp).   חפן [K]HoaFaN means to take a fistful; the noun חפן [K]HaFaN means a fistful (Ecclesiastes 4:6). קבל  QaBeL is to receive – see “CABAL.” A ship gets a RECEPTION at a haven or port. כף     KaPH means the palm of hand – see CUFF. Guttural-bilabial  words of covering up below and at “HA B IT.”


[K] HaFaHaH means to cover; [K]HooPaH is a canopy. חבא  [K]HaBHah is to hide, conceal (Genesis 7:27), and [K]HaBHaH means to hide oneself  ( II Kings 7:12). These recal Polish and  Ukranian chowa  (S-B,  to conceal ) and evoke a CAVE (see CAVE). On to other guttural-bilabial aspects of HAVEN, QaB(aiL) means receive. ACCEPT, CAPSULE, COOP, COVE, COVER, HEAVEN, HOVEL, KEEP are related HV or KP terms  – see  CAVITY, CUBBY," and CUFF. Thai gep means to hold or keep. Malay ka(m)pun means enclosure.

This same Indo-European “root” holds HAVE – but see GIVE (A).  HAVE is in the present tense; HoaVeH means present tense (Larry Kassel). 

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