Origin of English word HEAVY METAL

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The word HEAVY METAL is addressed in the entry: METAL

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METAL is said to be from Greek metallon (mine, quarry).

1.        מטל MaDTahL means Arabic "forged iron: hence the English word METAL" (citing from TheHebrew-EnglishLexiconoftheBible

2.          מוטה MOADTaH means a yoke from  iron bars (Leviticus26:13;   מטיל MiDTeeYL means iron rods in Job40:18).

3.       Earnest David Klein, foremost Hebrew etymologist, writes that Greek metallon (mine, quarry) is borrowed from   מצולה MiTSOOLaH (depth, Jonah 2:4).  Tsadi /TS to T is less than a letter shift.  Whether neurolinguistically in prehistory or simply borrowed by early Greeks visiting King Solomin’s mines, METAL has been strip-mined from the depths of Hebrew.

4.   METAL is known for its malleability and ductility (able to be drawn out into wire or hammered thin).   מתח MaTa[K]H is to extend or stretch out (Isaiah 40:22).


All the many variations of METAL have an M, T, and L except Arabic, Turkish and Swahili, which have retained an M-D source. Japanse metal is kinzoku, perhaps a nasalized K[H]aZaQ (strong). The most common METALIC words are HEAVY METAL, METALURGY and METALWORK.

There are some META- words that do not fit Greek meta, beside,  that are covered in MEZZANINE. מתח MaTa[K]H,  to extend or stretch out, is a better fit for METAMORPHOSIS, METAPHYSICS and METASTASIS  (where a disease speads out).

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