Origin of English word HEMA-

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The word HEMA- is addressed in the entry: MAROON

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redd i sh


MAROON (dark, brownish red) is from French marron (chestnut) and Italian marrone (dark brownish red). Arabic ahmar is red.  חמר   [K]HayMeR is red wine  (Psalms 75:9) or a wine color. [ K]HoaMeR (red clay --- Ezekiel 45:14)   [K]HoMaRMaR is "red" inJob16:16.  חמר   [K]HaMaR is also to burn. 


The  Ya[K]H)MOORis a roebuck; the roe deer is reddish like our wine-colored etymon above.  Arabic  merakh is Mars, the red planet an  M312  metathesis of  חמר K[H]eMaR, red wine, and red clay, thus red.

ALHAMBRA ,from Arabic alhamra,means the red (house).Merah is red in Malay.

The red planet, MARS, is also an MR term; MARCH, MARITAL and MARTIAN are related. See CRIMSON and MORROW. Red is merah in Malay, similar in related dialects.

The Het-Mem of [K]HayMeR is the red-brown color of (not oxidated) blood seen in HEMOGLOBIN.  All HAEMA-, HEMA- and HEMO- blood words come to English via Greek haima, blood.  Jim McKee sees this Het-Mem in Chinese hung, red. Chinese hong (X251) is “red, the colour of blood.” The red-brown of clay is a “warm” color, and [K]HaM is warm.  Fresh  blood   is certainly warm.  More blood, warmth and redness with Het-Mem and words like [K]HaMOOTS (scarlet - Isaiah63:1).at SANGRIA.    A red term favoring the Het-Mem in the etymons above is Choctow (North American Indian) homa (red).

More red ar CRIMSON and RED.

Bible Verses

Job 16:16 וישׂא העם את־בצקו טרם יחמץ משׁארתם צררת בשׂמלתם על־שׁכמם׃

“My face is reddened with weeping, and on my eyelids is the shadow of death;”



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