Origin of English word HEMATOCRIT

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The word HEMATOCRIT is addressed in the entry: CRITERION

English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[K(H)-L-DT → KRT]


to decide


A CRITERION  is the CRITICAL standard with which to make a judgement.  A CRITIC is a judge.  You may judge whether Greek krinein ( to separate…thus to decide, judge) has the sound and sense of a good etymology. The Greek KRN tern, and Latin crimen

 (judgement, crime), make fine sources for DISCRIMINATE, but there is no attempt to explain by what alchemy KRN, KRM or the theoretical Indo-European “root”  krei (to sieve, discriminate, distinguish)  gave rise to KRT words like CRITIQUE.   To the contrary, a liquid shift of L to R is common.  K[H]aLaDT, is to decide, I Kings 20:33.  Aramaic AK[H]LaiDT means “he decided.


CRITICISM, CRITICIZE, DIACRITICAL, EPICRITIC, HEMATOCRIT and HYPOCRIT are KRT certainties from the AHD.  THE KRT of CERTAIN fits modern extensions of Het-Lamed-Tet that mean resolutely, decisively and certainly.  A few of the alleged cognates with the CRITERIA to belong here include CRISIS, HYPOCRISY and SECRET.

Bible Verses

I Kings 20:33 והאנשׁים ינחשׁו וימהרו ויחלטו הממנו ויאמרו אחיך בן־הדד ויאמר באו קחהו ויצא אליו בן־הדד ויעלהו על־המרכבה׃

“Now the men took it for a sign, and hastened to catch it from him; and they said: ‘Thy brother Ben-hadad.’ Then he said: ‘Go ye, bring him.’ Then Ben-hadad came forth to him; and he caused him to come up into his chariot.”



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