Origin of English word HEMORRHOID

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The word HEMORRHOID is addressed in the entry: SERUM

English Word


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flood, pour down, stream


Latin serum is whey, but the word can mean any animal or vegetable fluids - especially blood SERUM. The Indo-European “root” ser means "to flow."  ZaRahM  is to flood, pour down or stream; ZeReM is a flow, stream or current (Psalms77:18; Isaiah28:2). The Hebrew sub-root is clearly ZR as demonstrated by  ZOARaiR (to sneeze - IIKings4:35), ZeReQ (serum),  ZaRZeeYR (rain shower - Psalms32:6) and ZOARaBH (to spill forth or "thaw" - Job6:17). A more violent ZeReM is seen at STORM.


The most fertile member of this Zayin-Resh family is   ZeR[A]h (sowing, seed, sperm, semen or offspring – Genesis 1:11, Leviticus 15:10). In Basque, “the language with no affinities,”  to impregnate is izorratu.

Cognates of SERUM at Indo-European “root” ser are SAMSARA (from Sanskrit), SERAC and STRUDEL (from a Middle High German word for whirlpool). In Dutch a stream is a stroom. This S to ST change happened back in Old High German, and it helps us see how STREAM belongs here with ZeReM (stream). Within Edenic, a Tsadi/ST and relationship with another fricative is normal. For example [K]HaLaTS is vigor, while its the built-in antonym is [K]HaLaSH (weak – see HEALTH.)

 The Indo-European “root” of STREAM, sreu,  means "to flow."    The AHD also cites the “suffixed o-grade form” sroumo.  Apparently, a T did not appear until later.  One can see several Zayin-to-ST fricative shifts at entries like STORM,” STREW and “STRIKE.

In the AHD’s entry we not only find STREAM and MAELSTROM, but also several words that seem to have picked up the RM second half of Zayin-Resh-Mem. These cognates of STREAM are CATARRH, DIARRHEA, HEMORRHOID, RHEO-, RHYME, RHYTHM, RHYOLITE and -RRHEA.

When the dictionaries can link Greek rhein (toflow) andGreekrheuma (stream) to an sreu root, surely we can rejoin SR and RM words to their Hebrew mother ZRM.

Greek rhein (to flow) is somehow here too. This reversal or M321 of נהר NaHaR (a stream) is at “RHINOCERUS.”

Bible Verses

Psalms 77:18 זרמו מים עבות קול נתנו שׁחקים אף־חצציך יתהלכו׃

“The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad.”

Alternative versions: Psalms 77:17

Isaiah 28:2 הנה חזק ואמץ לאדני כזרם ברד שׂער קטב כזרם מים כבירים שׁטפים הניח לארץ ביד׃

“Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, as a storm of hail, a tempest of destruction, as a storm of mighty waters overflowing, that casteth down to the earth with violence.”


(2229 and 2230)

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