Origin of English word HETERODOX

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The word HETERODOX is addressed in the entry: ORTHODOX

English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[ D-KH]


opinion, knowledge, wisdom


The Indo-European “root” for ORTHDOX is somehow  dek - 1 (to take, accept). The AHD cites etymons with nothing to with with taking.The DOGMATIC and ORTHODOX words are to come from Greek dokein (to appear, seem, think).  This is about perception and the mind, not acceptance.  Latin docere (to teach) is a match for הודע HOADahGH (to inform, make known - Leviticus4:23), while Greek dokein (to think, thus cause to accept or be accepted) parallels. דע   DaiGHah or דעה  DaiGHaH (opinion, knowledge, wisdom – Isaiah 11:9 or Isaiah28:9).   דעת   DaGHa(S) is knowledge in Exodus31:3;    מדע MaDaGH is science or knowledge. Related is דק  DahQ (to scrutinize) and   דקדקן  DaQDiQaN (pedant, grammarian).  A דעתן   DaGHTaN (obstinate person) is overly ORTHODOX.  For Edenics, for lexical structure, just דע   DaiGHah    is best.  For better recognition, and to better fit the Greek seeming and thinking verb above, there is ידע YaDGHah – the perception of Adam and Eve that they were naked (Genesis 3:7).

MoreYod-Dalet-Ayin at IDEA and “VEDA.”


From the Latin docere (to teach) and Greek above come DOCENT, DOCILE, DOCTOR, DOCTRINE and DOCUMENT along with DOGMA, HETERODOX and PARADOX. THA(N)K, THI(N)K and THOUGHT, from IE tong (think), are related.

THOUGHT is a better match with the “Sephardic” pronunciation of  DaGHaT. “Knowledge” of the Creator is a daunting task, so the DaGHaT in Hosea 4:1 may be more like contemplation or “thought” of the deity.

Bible Verses

Job 32:10 לכן אמרתי שׁמעה־לי אחוה דעי אף־אני׃

“Therefore I say: ‘Hearken to me; I also will declare mine opinion.’” Job 32:10

Isaiah 28:9 את־מי יורה דעה ואת־מי יבין שׁמועה גמולי מחלב עתיקי משׁדים׃

“Whom shall one teach knowledge? And whom shall one make to understand the message? Them that are weaned from the milk, them that are drawn from the breasts?” Isaiah 28:9



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