Origin of English word HIDE

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[KH-OO-T(S) → H-D]


outside, exterior


HIDE, animal skin, our natural COAT and OUTside layer of protection, is from a guttural-dental etymon that covers HD, CT and OT.  Old English hyd, skin, hide, is imagined to come from the IE “root” (s)keu, to cover, conceal.

חוץ   [K]HOOTS  means the outside (Genesis24:31) or exterior. The Tsadi shifts dentals to D, just as the Het can easily shift to fit the C of COAT or the O of OUT.  More outsider information at EXIT.  QaTSeH is an extremity – Genesis 47:21). כד KahD is a skin bag – see CADDY.  Whether a Koof or Het precededs the Tsadi – more exterior words  at COAST and COAT.  At COAT is  the Ayin-Tet of wrapping oneself,   עטה   GHaDTaH. The Lord is "clothed...wrapped in a robe of light" in Psalms104:1-2

Ayin-Tet/GH-DT enables for a fine HD derivative.  


German skin or hide is haut. Most of the AHD’s alleged cognates of HIDE make no sense.  The ones with sound and sense include derivatives of Latin cutis, skin, like CUTANEOUS, CUTICLE,CUTIS and CUTIN.   “Hide” in Hittite (extinct IE) is a reduplicated reverse of Het-Tsadi: suksuk(k).   Native  Indians wore deerskin shoes, so Mohawk (Upstate NY) anta (shoes) may  be a nasalized

חוץ   [K]HOOTS .   There are coverings like HOSE and HUT, and Yiddish kishke, gut. English KISHKE, the food, is from the Russian sheath… thus this meat from the gut.   The Russian skin word, kozha,  is also from this Het-Tsadi root. Similar is the Czech, kuze, and Serbo-Croatian, koza.  For those words closer to the guttural-fricative possibility from Het-Tsadi, there is also KOAY$, vessel,  in the family – see ENCASE.

Bible Verses

Genesis 24:31 ויאמר בוא ברוך יהוה למה תעמד בחוץ ואנכי פניתי הבית ומקום לגמלים׃

“And he said, ‘Come in, blessed of the LORD! Why do you stand outside since I have prepared the house, and a place for the camels?’” (NASB)



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aree   5/22/2015 3:41:00 AM
see also soch=to cover (soch darkech) tikra=roof sokerfooty (midrash=shoe) a foot covering ==== dach=roof shuch=shoe sock

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