Origin of English word HIJACK

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The word HIJACK is addressed in the entry: JACK

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Edenic Word


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[Y-A-K-BH → JAK]


Several words come from the name Jack, from Jacob or Y[A]'aQoaBH. In Genesis Jacob is named   for the Hebrew term which means heel, to supplant, to overreach, and to deceive (see Genesis27:36).


Jake's career begins as a younger twin baby who grabs Esau by the heel and who, using deceit, supplants his undeserving brother, to gain the responsibilities and blessings of the firstborn.

Esau complains that Jacob “supplanted” or tricked him, Ayin-Koof-Bhet, in Genesis 27:36.  A metathesis

spelled Koof-Bhet-Ayin also means to rob or deceive.  To JACK in slang is to rob or commandeer, as in HIJACK.   To JOCKEY means to cheat, swindle, and maneuver for position or advantage. A car JACK lifts or “supplants” the vehicle. An unrefined Bible reader would consider Jacob a JACK (knave) who cheated his brother Esau out of his inheritance or JACKPOT with his JOCULAR brand of JUGGLING.

And why might this maligned patriarch be the inspiration for JACKDAWS, JACKRABBITS and a dozen other male birds, beasts and fish? It might be because, after much jockeying and financial juggling with Laban, he hits the jackpot with some magical tricks of animal breeding. In addition, after some juggling and jockeying of wives, Jacob ended up with four wives and at least thirteen children.

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