Origin of English word HILL

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The word HILL is addressed in the entry: OROLOGY

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[ HR]


OROLOGY, the study of mountains, is from Greek oros  (mountain).

HahR (Genesis8:4) is a mountain or hill. HILL or Old English hyll (hill) should get its double L from the double liquid (L or R) of   הרר HeReR (mountain).  See CULMINATE, where Indo-European “root” kel – 6 is a hill, as is גל GahL (Joshua 7:26). A built-in opposite of  the coomon “mountain” word,    הר HahR,  is גהר   GaHahR (bowed, bent downwards). Hey-Resh/HR describes when a pregnant woman has hilled up with child or is הרה HaRaH, pregnant (Genesis 16:11).


ORO- is a combining form for mountain words (like OROGENESIS, OROGENY, OROGRAPHY and OROMETER. Latin and Greek ORESTES is from the same source. Dropping the H in favor of a vowel goes all the way back to ARARAT of Noah's time. There may be no place name on earth in longer continuous use than this Turkish mountain range  named from HeRaReeY (mountainous). Between HahR and GahL (mound) we find the usual G-H-K interchanges with terms like Spanish colina or cerro (hill), Russian and Polish gora (mountain) and Czech  and Ukrainian hora (mountain - closest to  HahR). In Latvian gar means top or height. In Sumarian gal or gar mean the same  Giri is a mountain in Javanese, while in related Acehnese it’s glè .  In Marathi  (South Asia) a hill or mountain is acala.

The mountainside “heap” where Jacob and Laban swore a pact in Genesis 31:47 was called a   גל GahL in Hebrew, but a YiGahR in Syriac (Laban’s non-Hebrew term is also cited  in that verse).  More GL hills, as in the GALILEE, at GALE.

  A CAIRN (Celtic; heap of stones as a monument) is identical to YiGahR in Genesis31:41 (Chaldean).  The Spanish hill words are cerro andcolina.

The Geologist-Linguist who made the word HahR also made opposites like [K]HOAR (hole) and  [K]HaLaL (hollow – see HOLLOW).     

One expects the Latvian kur (mound, elevation) to resemble the Polish above, but the Sumerian kur (mountain) is identical.   Back to softer versions of the Hey of הר   HahR,   uru is a hill in Bantu.

The Harz mountains of Germany are recalled. GahL is also a wave; kleun is the Thai wave. The wavy area of hills in northern Israel is therefore called the GaLiL (GALILEE).

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