Origin of English word HISTRIONICS

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The word HISTRIONICS is addressed in the entry: STORY

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Latin historiais the telling of a connected HISTORY or series of happenings. The dictionary follows an unconnected path to Greek eldenai (to know) and the Indo-European “root” weid (to see) – see   VIDEO.

Narration of the Egyptian Exodus STORY is $aDahR (set) into a formulated סדר $eDeR (arrangement) during the Passover Seder.  Similarly, a סדור $eeDOOR only is a prayer book because it contains the arrangement of prayers.

$ayDeR OLAM (The Order of the World) was an ancient HISTORY text known in the First Century.

$iDRAh (a section of text) is Aramaic. Beside the "order" and "arrangement" senses of Samekh-Dalet-Resh, the chronology of a STORY or a HISTORY also fits the sense of "row" (line-up of connected things) seen at STREET.  See SORT.


HISTORY is too often related to HISTRIONICS (theatrics). Latin histrio (an actor) may be one who studies his $eDeR (order) of speeches. Linking HYSTERIA to $ayDeR (disorder) provides a less misogynous etymon than linking HYSTERIA to Greek hystera (the uterus) – see   STORE and STYLE for alternative etymons. See SIDEREAL.

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