Origin of English word HOAR

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white bread, white cotton (referring to the whiteness)


The Indo-European “root” of HOAR is kei- 2 (referring to various aspects of color).  Many people cheat with roots that are HOARY (white like frost or gray like hair), but the gray sages of linguistics are a tad too vague here.

  חור   K[H]OOR is white bread in Genesis 40:16; in Esther 1:6 it refers to white cotton.   The Syriac and Arabic form pronounces the Vav, as hawar is whiteness. In I Kings 21:8,  a plural form refers to the elders and “nobles” (literally the silver-haired).


ROCHET,  linen vestment of bishops, is from Old French roc. This is a reversal

of  K[H]OOR, the white linen in (Isaiah19:9) or the fine linen of nobles (Esther8:15).

 This meaning adds sense (but not sound) to the AHD’s cognates: JUNKER and YOUNKER  (exalted and master).  Another official cognate is HEW. If the liquid-guttural of the Edenic etymon gave us any silvery words, it might be ARGENT.  

An extension of Het - Vav-Resh is TSa[K]HoaR (white – Judges 10:5).

This may be a source of STARCH, with a metathesis, if whiteness was more important than its stiffening when first used. [K]HOOR as white was used by languages like Basque hori (yellow), Japanese aojiroi (whitish),  and Thai (r)kow (white).  In Hindi someone with a light complexionis a gora.  The Houri  of the Quran are the white babes awarded to holy men in paradise (which, sadly, is not a physical realm).Many more global whites at ALBINO and WHITE.

Bible Verses

Genesis 40:16 וירא שׂר־האפים כי טוב פתר ויאמר אל־יוסף אף־אני בחלומי והנה שׁלשׁה סלי חרי על־ראשׁי׃

“When the chief baker saw that the interpretation was good, he said unto Joseph: ‘I also saw in my dream, and, behold, three baskets of white bread were on my head;’”

Esther 1:6 חור כרפס ותכלת אחוז בחבלי־בוץ וארגמן על־גלילי כסף ועמודי שׁשׁ מטות זהב וכסף על רצפת בהט־ושׁשׁ ודר וסחרת ׃

“there were hangings of white, fine cotton, and blue, bordered with cords of fine linen and purple, upon silver rods and pillars of marble; the couches were of gold and silver, upon a pavement of green, and white, and shell, and onyx marble.”

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