Origin of English word HOMONYMOUS

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The word HOMONYMOUS is addressed in the entry: NAME

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[MN → NM]


T he alleged Indo-European “root” of NAME is no-men (name). The Greek name is onoma, while the Latin is nomen.  To name is similar to counting with assigned names or numbers – NAME and NUMBER should come from the same source. See NUMBER.   That source would be further obscured if it involved a reversal (or double nasal shift).

מנה MeeNaH is to appoint, to name someone for a position or task (Daniel 1:5). מנה MaNaH is to number or count (Genesis 13:16);  MoaNeH is a unit of numbers (Genesis 31:7),  MeeYOON is a classification; מנה MaNaH is to "appoint" in Isaiah 65:12 and Daniel1:11. מין MeeYN is a species, a classification, a named subdivision (Genesis 1:24).


The AHD’s cognates of NAME include: AGNOMEN,  ANONYMOUS, COGNOMEN, DENOMINATE, EPONYM, EPONYMOUS, HETERONYMOUS, HOMONYMOUS, IGNOMINY, METRONYMIC, MISNOMER, NOMENCLATOR, NOMINAL.NOMINATE, NOUN, ONOMASTIC, ONOMATOPOEIA, -ONYM,  -ONYMY, PARONYMOUS, PATRONYMIC, PSEUDONYM, PRONOUN, RENOWN and SYNONYMOUS. Double-nasal world word terms include Japanese mumei no (nameless). Most familiar are the “name” words of Dutch (naam), French (nom), German (Name), and Italian and Portuguese (nome).   Bengali “name” is naam, like the Dutch. ( Ava Miedzinski) In Swedish (namn) it has taken on two N’s, like the navn of Danish and Norwegian. Most like Edenic Mem-Noon is the Czech “name,”  jmeno.  For the Turkish “name,” isim, and the Shin-Mem of the normal Hebrew “name,”  SHeM – see SEMANTIC and SAME.

  מין MeeYN (species) is seen in Samoan manu, animal, cattle or bird.   The most numerous animal species in Polynesia involves birds, so in languages like Hawaiian,  manu  means bird.  The most numerous specie in China involes humans. A people or ethnic group is  min in Chinese  X456. 

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