Origin of English word HONEY

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[GH-N-G → HNY]


HONEY is from Old English hunig; thetheoretical reconstructed etymon  is the Indo-European “root” keneko (yellow, golden - no known English cognates).

ענג GHoNeG means pleasure, enjoyment, "delight" (Isaiah58:3).    הנאה   HaNA’aH means  These two words will seem more related as you read ahead.    The   ע-נ Ayin-Noon root means “joy” in Ecclesiastes 5:19.

The   ע-נ Ayin-Noon sub-root has a built-in opposite:     ענוי  GHeeNOOY means pain – see ANNOYANCE.    The “bread of affliction” is    עני [O]aNeeY (Deuteronomy 16:3). In Exodus

32:18    ע-נ   Ayin-Noon with suffix    ות Vav-Tahf   refers to the loud joy of victory, the loud agony of defeat, and then a neutral     ענות [A]NOOT or GHaNOO(S) commotion which may be a response to the Lord’s new silence – and therefore related to    ענה   Ayin-Noon-Hey to testify (Genesis 30:33), howl (Jeremiah 51:14)   or reply (I Samuel 20:10).    A defiant shouting, as executed by the revelers at the Golden Calf  would be the   ע-נ      Ayin-Noon opposite of singing (Isaiah 27:2) and of humility (Numbers 12:3).


Germanic   “honey” words include:  honning , Danish and Norwegian;    honing,      Dutch;   hunaja,  Finnish    and  honung in Swedish. (RW)

 German pleasure follows Ayin-Noon-Gimel, as  seen in angenehm (pleasing) or ver gnug en (pleasure, with the “ver” prefix).  Modern German pleasure is genuss, while in Dutch it is genot  (RW).  More ע-נ Ayin-Noon satisfaction at ENOUGH.

Another    ע-נ     Ayin-Noon sweet term is ענב GHaNa(V) (grape, berry).   Hungarian edes means sweet.  For another ע   Ayin becoming an H (this time via Greek) in another “pleasure” word – see HEDONISM.

The   ע Ayin shift to H is most common in Germanic, as in Holz (wood) from    עץ [E]TS (wood). More on the mild   ע   Ayin/GH)-to-H shift at HERD, RAVEN and especially at SEROW.

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Katinka   10/7/2016 8:58:00 PM
if you look at the vocative and accusitive of sanscrit word Madhu you can see how if you drop the Mad you have the word honey!!! Exciting new discovery! http://www.wisdomlib.org/definition/madhu

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