Origin of English word HUT

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The word HUT is addressed in the entry: CHAISE

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seat, throne


A CHAISE, as in CHAISE LOUNGE ("long chair" in French), is not a Parisian French corruption of CHAIR as posited by Webster's. CHAISE demonstrates the typical CH softening by the French of a Hebrew K, in this case    כס Kai$  (seat, throne - Exodus17:16) The more common Hebrew term is   כסא  Kee$Ay (chair,seat-II Kings 4:10).


CHAIR, Latin cathedra, CATHEDRAL, and SANHEDRIN are all linked to Indo-European “root” sed (to sit), the source of EXEDRA. EXEDRA is understood to be from ex (out) plus Greek hedra (a seat). But the EXEDRA in ancient Greece was not merely outside seats, but an outdoor room, building or area containing seats and used for holding talks. An EXEDRA is an outdoor bench, but it originated in a word for room – [K]HeDeR (Genesis 43:30). The concordance uses the Latin term conclave (room) to define [K]HeDeR, again demonstrating the intimate association of  [K]HeDeR with a conclave, boardroom or SANHEDRIN full of conference chairs.

CHEDER is the Yiddish term for the one-room Jewish schools of Eastern Europe (where Hebrew was not taught).

Rather than Latin cathedra, KHaR (saddle, pillow, palanquin - Genesis31:34) ought to be the source of Old French chaiere and English CHAIR – see CAR.

For the source of Latin ex, see EXIT.

Hungarian reverses Kahf-Samekh to szek (chair) . A Japanese chair is an isu, while a Japanese seat is a seki (reverse KS). For HUT and other [K]HeDeR derivatives, see HOARD.  The Spanish “ll” is not an L, so silla (chair) could be another upended Kee$aY.

Liquids come and go. Remove both L and R from the Polish chair: krzeslo, and the R from the Indonesian chair: kursi  and the Latvian chair: krasis.

Edenic does not have a “seat-set” link; there are no “chair” words based on שב SHaiBH (sit), which also means to return.   Forms of “sit” in Bengali echo  and reverse this fricative-bilabial : baus/bauso/bosun 

Bible Verses

Exodus 17:16 ויאמר כי־יד על־כס יה מלחמה ליהוה בעמלק מדר דר׃

“And he said: ‘The hand upon the throne of the LORD: the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.’” (JPS)



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