Origin of English word HYDRO

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The word HYDRO is addressed in the entry: WET

English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[RT( V) → WT]


moist or wet


Anglo-Saxon waetis thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” wed (water, wet)

1.  רחץ Ra[K]HaTS is to cleanse in Genesis 18:4. 

Thw Resh/R can render a WR or just W.  The Het, like Hey/H, can be silent. The Tsadi/TS can be the T of WET or the SH of WASH, see WASH.

2.  רטב   RaDToa[V] or WRaDToaBH means moist or wet, especially like the moisture of "green" plants (Job8:16) . Another  ר-ט Resh-Tet word that can offer W-T WETNESS is  רטף   RaDTaF or WRaDTaF (moist --  Job 33:25).    ROTTEN has no Indo-European root. It could very well be that ROT – always associated with undesired moisture-- derives from this  ר-ט   Resh-Tet/RT root (YJS).

Conversely, moisture is often good.  טוב   DTOA[V] means good – see DIVINE.  The ט-ב   Tet-Bhet end of  רטב   RaDToa[V] could reverse to supply  V-T thus

W-T wetness.In fact, רטב   RaDToa[V] backwards, VTR, rather looks like WATER.

The RT root recalls the Indo-European base lat (wet), the source of LATEX, which likewise refers to the moisture of plants. The common R → L change is not needed for another Hebrew word of moistening and dampening – לתת LaTaT (used to wet grain -- EDK). Arabic latta is mixing flour with water.


Hebrew rain words like   טל DTahL (dew – Genesis 27:28) and מטר   MaDTahR(rain – I Kings 17:1) prefer the RT or LT element. Cognates of WET at Indo-European “root” wed include DROPSY, HYDATHODE, HYDRA, HYDRANT, HYDRO, (HYDROUS), NUTRIA, OTTER, VODKA, WASH, WATER (see VITAL) and WINTER.

The WET WATER of green plants is dripping with VERDURE and green words like VERDIGRIS, VERDITER and VERT. To get vert (green in French) take the third letter of   רטב   Resh-Tet-Bhet/  R-DT-[V] and flip it to the front of the word. This is an M312 metathesis.  The Indo-European “root” virere (green. . .Latin verb of unknown origin) includes BILIVERDIN, TERRE-VERTE, VERDANT, VIRESCENT and VIRID.

And what happened to the standard Hebrew water word - מים MaYiM? For example, there is mom (water) in Maidu Indian, and nahm (water) in Thai. Native Floridians named the MIAMI River for a term that means drinkable water  – see  MIAMI .   More R-to-W shifts at WALK, WAR and WRONG.  

Bible Verses

Job 8:16 רטב הוא לפני־שׁמשׁ ועל גנתו ינקתו תצא ׃

“He is green before the sun, and his shoots go forth over his garden.”



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