Origin of English word HYENA

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The word HYENA is addressed in the entry: HYOSCYAMINE

English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[(K)HZR → HS(R)]




Greek hysmeans pig. The IE “root” su means pig.  [K]HahZeeYR or K[H]ahZeeYR means pig (Leviticus11:7). While much advanced over the wild boars of Noah’s ark, today’s farm-bred hogs are still more violent and sexual than instinct requires, and they are too often  K[H]oZeR, returning, to their already eaten and excreted food. As usual, look for Edenic variants from ZSR to HZW, scrambled or reversed.


Listed cognates include HOG, HYENA, HYOSINE, SOW and SWINE.  The Het of the Edenic pig is easiest to drop out. The remaining S-W of English SOW or even the German Sau (sow) can easily come from the Zayin-Resh (more below.)  German Schwein  ( pig, hog) squeals like a K[H]aZeeYR after shifting the Zayin/z to S, affecting an M213 metahesis, and reading  Resh/WR as W.

While the Arabic pig, chansir, is merely a nasalization of the Hebrew K[H]-S-R, the Norwegian gris and the Modern Greek chi'ros swap #2 and #3 root letters (metathesis).  Even English SWINE and German Schwein  have metathesized a nasalized [K]HaZeeYR. or one endig with an  unhistoric N .   Danish, Swedish, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Russian and Yiddish all have a “swine”-like pig word. The end-N may come from this extra Noon,  while SW is not distant from Zayin-Resh.  (WR = R; see WR entries like WRONG.)   A similar metathethis disguises the Spanish pig, cerdo, with the Zayin-to-D shift  that is characteristic of Aramaic-from-Edenic – see AUSCULATE.   The first two root letters are reversed in the pig words of Celtic (sukko), Finnish (sika), Malay: Tidore (sohof, and Old English (sugu-sow).

In the more clipped Chinese,  shi is a pig or swine,and chu means hog.

In the language with no affinities, Basque, a pig is a zerri.  Keeping the Het-Zayin rather than the Zayin-Resh of [K]HaZeeYR, the Estonian piglet is a kesik.

The Wesh sow is hwch – which is a form of Het then Resh and Zayin shifted and metathesized. 

See the fat, round HOG.  The [K]HaZeeYR (pig) is [K]HoZeR (returning)  to food it already expelled. Japanese osarai is to review.                                                                                            See SCREW.

Bible Verses

Leviticus 11:7

“And the swine, because he parteth the hoof, and is cloven-footed, but cheweth not the cud, he is unclean unto you.”



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