Origin of English word HYPERVENTILATE

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The word HYPERVENTILATE is addressed in the entry: HYPER

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G reek huper (over), English HYPER-  and the Indo-European “root” uper (over) are better traced  to Edenic עבר    GHaiBHeR   (beyond, on the other side... thus OVER – Genesis 50:10) and  not linked to Latin super (above)  – see  OVER.   H from    ע Ayin/GH  (more straightforward than a letter shift) is documented below,  Or, to see how the H in HAIR  comes from an Ayin, see SEROW.    Most of trhe 127 HYPER- words, like HYPERCRITICAL and HYPERVENTILATE, speak to the Edenic meaning of “beyond” rather than a spacial “over.”   HYPER- was only a prefix. But with  HYPERTHETICAL usage, we call HYPE that which has been overstated by the media or advertising. HYPERACTIVITY became so common that even a kitten may be described as being HYPER.



Other H words that derive from an  ע Ayin/GH  include:

1) Foreign words like Basque baby, haurra, from  עולה GHOOLaH (suckling, infant – Isaiah 49:15) and עולל  GHOALaiL  (child, infant Lamentations 2:11) – see GIRL.

Dutch, Danish and Norwegian hals (neck) from Ayin-Lamed, GHoaL , yoke, – see COLLAR  and French hier (yesterday) from Ayin-Bhet-Resh, past – see OVER.

2) HAMADRYAD (a wood nymph) from Greek hama (together, with) plus drys, tree (seen at TREE) – hama is from Ayin-Mem, עם GHeeM (with – a likely source for HOMO- and HOMEO- words as well).

3) HARLOT (lewd woman, servant, churl, via Old French) from Ayin-Resh-Lamed, ערל G HaReL (uncircumsized – Exodus 12:48… thus a source for CHURL; ערלה  G H aReLaH came to mean a gentile woman ).

4) HEATHEN and HEATH from Ayin-Tsadi, עץ G HaiTS , (forest, wood – see LUTE – via Indo-European kaito (forest).

5) HEDONISM (from Ayin-Dalen-Noon,  עדן   G HaiDeN , pleasure – see HEDONISM)

6) HELIX (spiral—Greek) from an M132 of Ayin-Gimel-Lamed , עגל G HaGoaL (round – see  CYCLE, with other GH-G-L terms metathesizing to HL plus guttural, like HELICOPTER.

7) HERD from  an M132 of Ayin-Dalet-Resh, עדר G HeDeR (flock, herd – see HERD.)

8) HERMES (originally the Greek god of “cunning” –Webster’s) from Ayin-Resh-Mem, ערם G HaRahM , “subtle” (KJV) or “cunning”  – Genesis 3:1.

9) HONEY from Ayin-Noon-Gimel, ענג G HoNeG (delight – see HONEY

10) HOVER  from Ayin-Phey, עף  G HahF (to fly – see AVIATE).

The Modern Greek village,   horio, is from Ayin-Yod-Resh עיר  G HeeYR (city – Genesis 4:17).

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